Ish Sah's Paradox
Priest of Yawgmoth Buy + Paradox Engine Buy + Spine of Ish Sah Buy
Play Priest, then Paradox Engine.

Then follow it up with Spine of Ish Sah.

Finally, sac Spine to Priest to generate mana. Spine returns to hand from the yard.

Rinse and repeat to kill all opponent's permanents

This can also generate infinite storm count by having spine target itself on ETB, then in response to the trigger on stack, sacking it to Priest to generate mana.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)  Card/Deck Synergy  Rating:(2)   
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cruzburger   12/17/2017 4:20:26 AM
That's a thing.

Really easy to do, actually. In EDH, I imagine this being in a Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Buy deck. It's great synergy for it as the sac is actually a mana ability that can't be responded to, letting you deal with removal for your combo pieces (like Triskelion Buy for example).

But, I digress. As posted, this not only works, but can really be useful in mono {B} artifact decks. I like it.

Last Modified: 12/17/2017 4:24:19 AM     

BaconBehemoth   8/15/2018 5:17:09 AM
Excellent three card combo. I love old tech like Priest. I built a deck around this, and can't wait to bust it out against my playgroup.

Last Modified: 8/15/2018 5:19:29 AM     

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