Scout Coralhelm Growth Chamber
Retreat to Coralhelm Buy + Llanowar Scout Buy + Simic Growth Chamber Buy
Have the Llanowar Scout in play with the Retreat to Coralhelm. Play a land for turn, then tap Llanowar Scout to put Simic Growth Chamber onto the battlefield, let the Retreat to Coralhelm untap the Scout and put the land you just bounced into play. Repeat this with a second Simic Growth Chamber or other bounce land for lots of landfall triggers.
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cruzburger   4/17/2019 9:54:44 PM
Provides infinite Landfall with only the one growth chamber.

1. Have Scout and Retreat in play
2. Play Chamber. Trigger Chamber and Retreat
3. Resolve either (first iteration does not really matter, could scry), then other, returning Chamber to hand.
4. Tap Scout, put Chamber into play. Trigger Chamber, and Retreat.
5. Untap Scout and bounce Chamber.
6. Repeat 4-5 infinitely.

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