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Shadowborn Apostle Buy + Razaketh, the Foulblooded Buy + Bloodbond March Buy
There was another combo here that used the Apostles only once per turn.

1. Activate Apostles. Get Razaketh.
2. Sac a creature (like another Apostle) to tutor for an Apostle.
3. Cast Apostle. Get all in grave to field.

See first comment for full description.
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cruzburger   10/20/2019 1:34:53 AM
Basically, if you have at least one more creature to use as fodder for Razaketh, you can continue to chain it together as long as you have life/mana.

You start with the Apostles in play and the March. Sacrificing the Apostles allows you to find Razaketh from your deck. Sac another creature to tutor for another Apostle. Cast that card, trigger the March to get back all the ones in grave.

Net: BB, Pay 2 life: Search your library for a Demon creature card and any other card. Put the Demon revealed this way onto the battlefield and the other card into your hand.

Repeat to get basically all your demons out, as long as you keep triggering the March with an Apostle and finish with a decent number of creatures to use to tutor for anything else. (Probably won already, but...)

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