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Aether Chamber
Aethergeode Miner Buy + Decoction Module Buy + Genesis Chamber Buy
Infinite Myr.
1) With Module and Chamber on field
Cast Miner. Miner enters, add E then
create Myr, get E (EE now in pool).
2) End of opponents turn,
blink Miner, get Myr Token and 2 energy.
Blink Miner, get Myr Token and 2 energy. etc...
(Submitted by MagestoneMagus)   Rating:(2)   
Swan Carnage
Swans of Bryn Argoll Buy + Kindle the Carnage Buy
Have Swans of Bryn Argoll Buy in play, then cast Kindle the Carnage Buy.
Discard a random card, and start drawing cards. Discard another card en draw some more cards. Discard another one and yes...draw some more cards.

Stop when the board has been cleared and you think you have enough cards in hand.
(Submitted by Lord Sauron)   Rating:(1)   
Silent but Deadly
Siren of the Silent Song Buy + Aura of Dominion Buy
Again, not original (Aura of Dominion + "Inspired" Card). But another useful combo. 1:each opponent discards a card and mills a card. When they have no cards in hand prior to the draw, play during their draw step and they are limited to playing instants at the time they draw them.
(Submitted by bum3635)   Rating:(1)   
Dualcaster Zombie
Dualcaster Mage Buy + Unearth Buy + Goblin Bombardment Buy
I think it works: cast Unearth (the target is not important but you must have a creature with power 3 or less in your graveyard). In response cast Dualcaster Mage copying Unearth. When the abilty of Dualcaster will trigger, sacrifice it to the bombardment so the copy of Unearth could target her. Reapeat again for infinite damage as the original Unearth will always remain on stack. You can use any sac engine to obtain what you prefer (mana, damage, etc...).

See comments to know how it works!
(Submitted by Beppolz)   Rating:(1)   
Mass Death!
Glissa, the Traitor Buy + Grave Pact Buy + Chimeric Mass Buy
Glissa, the Traitor Buy and Grave Pact Buy in play, cast Chimeric Mass Buy for {0} and activate ability for {1} to make each opponent sac a creature due to Grave Pact Buy and return Chimeric Mass Buy from graveyard to hand with Glissa's ability. Reapeat for {1}. I like this better than using Heap Doll Buy because Chimeric Mass Buy can be a theat later. Also, grave pact could be replaced with Butcher of Malakir Buy.
(Submitted by Evalone)   Rating:(1)   
Infinite ETB, LTB, Damage
Marath, Will of the Wild Buy + Ashnod's Altar Buy + Hardened Scales Buy
1. Pay 1 colorless, Remove 1 counter from Marath, Will of the Wild Buy: Create 1 1/1 Elemental token.
2. Sac token to Ashnod's Altar Buy for 2 colorless man.
3. Pay 1 colorless,Remove 1 counter from Marath, Will of the Wild Buy: add 1 counter to itself, triggering Hardened Scales Buy adding another counter.
4. Repeat 3. Then repeat 1 to 3.
5 When you have enough counters and mana, machine gun everybody.

(Submitted by paloflimdul)   Rating:(1)   
You'e out!
Sorceress Queen Buy + Drop of Honey Buy
Use Sorceress Queen Buy's ability on top of Drop of Honey Buy to get rid of those pesky non-indestructibles...

Could also sub Serendib Sorcerer Buy and Porphyry Nodes Buy.

(Submitted by paloflimdul)   Rating:(2)   
relentless relentless dead
Relentless Dead Buy + Ashnod's Altar Buy
You need 1 relentless dead in your graveyard, and 1 into play along with ashnod's altar.
sacrifice the relentless dead to the altar, put your other relentless dead from the graveyard into play.
Rince and repeat for infinite enter the battlefield/ enters the graveyard trigger.
Add watever win condition you want (Outpost Siege Buy, Shadows of the Past Buy, Dross Harvester Buy, Fecundity Buy,Goblin Sharpshooter Buy, Altar of the Brood Buy)
(Submitted by downstroy)   Rating:(2)   
Odysseus' crew
Willbreaker Buy + Battlefield Thaumaturge Buy + Curse of the Swine Buy
Have the wizards out and regardless of how many creatures are in play you can take them all and turn them into Pigs like Circe did in Homer's Odyssey. More efficient (but adding colors), you can swap the curse for Launch the Fleet (getting an additional 1/1 white soldier and an open field to attck), Thrive or Strength of the Tajuru (to pump everything), or Rolling Thunder (less effective as it'll kill all 1 defense creatures). Feel free to note more.
(Submitted by bum3635)   Rating:(1)   
infinite stuffs
Synod Artificer Buy + Thran Dynamo Buy + Unbender Tine Buy
tap Thran Dynamo Buy

untap with Unbender Tine Buy

tap Thran Dynamo Buy (now you have 6 mana)

use 2 mana on Synod Artificer Buy untap ability.

untap Unbender Tine Buy and Thran Dynamo Buy

untap Synod Artificer Buy with Unbender Tine Buy

tap Thran Dynamo Buy

(Submitted by beastlybigG)   Rating:(1)   

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