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Altar of Open Graves
Open the Graves Buy + Gravecrawler Buy + Phyrexian Altar Buy
Once all three are in play, it is infinite mana and tokens.

1. Sacrifice Gravecrawler for {B}. Trigger Graves.
2. Create 2/2 zombie token from Graves.
3. Spend {B} to cast Gravecrawler from grave (the token is a zombie).
4. Repeat for infinite tokens, which allows infinite mana of any colors.
(Submitted by cruzburger)   Rating:(0)   
Scout Coralhelm Growth Chamber
Retreat to Coralhelm Buy + Llanowar Scout Buy + Simic Growth Chamber Buy
Have the Llanowar Scout in play with the Retreat to Coralhelm. Play a land for turn, then tap Llanowar Scout to put Simic Growth Chamber onto the battlefield, let the Retreat to Coralhelm untap the Scout and put the land you just bounced into play. Repeat this with a second Simic Growth Chamber or other bounce land for lots of landfall triggers.
(Submitted by Big_Ben)   Rating:(1)   
Pauper Infinite Red Mana
Safehold Elite Buy + Ivy Lane Denizen Buy + Thermopod Buy
Project X in Gruul??
(Submitted by maharrehe)   Rating:(1)   
Infinite Incubation
Vigean Graftmage Buy + Incubation Druid Buy
Have Vigean Graftmage in play, and summon Incubation Druid, placing a +1/+1 counter. on it. Incubation Druid taps for 3 blue mana, and untap it with Vigean Graftmage for 1 and 1 x blue mana. Rinse and repeat.
(Submitted by Grim Seraph)   Rating:(1)   
Grinning Smoke Engine
Grinning Ignus Buy + Paradox Engine Buy + Smokebraider Buy
Have all in play.

1. Tap Braider for {R}{R}
2. Use {R} to bounce Ignus
3. Use other {R} from Braider and the two colorless to cast Ignus
4. Engine untaps Braider

Remaining {R} is not restricted and you are back to start. Nets infinite {R}, storm count, ETB/LTB triggers, and untaps all your other nonland permanents.
(Submitted by cruzburger)   Rating:(1)   
Saheeli's Pet Fish (using Saheeli, The Gifted).
Deepglow Skate Buy + Mycosynth Lattice Buy + Saheeli Rai Buy
Saheeli Rai is a stand-in for Saheeli, The Gifted (C18, Mythic Rare).

Drop Saheeli 2.0 and Lattice first.
Then drop Deepglow Skate.

As long as she's at 4 or more loyalty and you haven't activated her yet,
she'll be able to use her ultimate on the spot.

Activate her Ult., and send the original to the command zone.
All new permanents will enter, with the token Saheeli being able to use her ult. again.

Creates infinite copies of all non-legendary permanents you control.
(Submitted by simondiamond2012)   Rating:(1)   
Flourishing Ballista Scales
Walking Ballista Buy + Rite of Passage Buy + Hardened Scales Buy
I realized a way to do it cheaper immediately following my last post with ballista.

Start with 3 counters on Ballista. Pull one counter off, target itself, it gets two counters back on it. As long as you resolve them in this manner (one at a time) it builds up to a creature with an arbitrary number of counters on it.
(Submitted by cruzburger)   Rating:(0)   
No draw
Children of Korlis Buy + Gift of Immortality Buy + Zur's Weirding Buy
With all three in play: prevent a player to draw with Zur's Weirding, at the end of his turn sac Children of Korlis and gain back every life you have lost. Return Children of Korlis in play with Gift of Immortality attached.

No one at the table can draw.
(Submitted by Beppolz)   Rating:(0)   
Infinite Quillspike + Infinite Snake Tokens
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Buy + Quillspike Buy + Devoted Druid Buy
Have all three in play. Tap the druid for mana, put a -1/-1 counter on the druid to untap it creating a 1/1 snake token, use the mana to remove the -1/-1 counter with Quillspike. Repeat the process.
(Submitted by Raven325)   Rating:(0)   
Synod Sanctum Yasova
Synod Sanctum Buy + Yasova Dragonclaw Buy
This should be in here along with the different land yasova combos
(Submitted by Deathstar Inc)   Rating:(1)   

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