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Flourishing Ballista Scales
Walking Ballista Buy + Rite of Passage Buy + Hardened Scales Buy
I realized a way to do it cheaper immediately following my last post with ballista.

Start with 3 counters on Ballista. Pull one counter off, target itself, it gets two counters back on it. As long as you resolve them in this manner (one at a time) it builds up to a creature with an arbitrary number of counters on it.
(Submitted by cruzburger)   Rating:(0)   
No draw
Children of Korlis Buy + Gift of Immortality Buy + Zur's Weirding Buy
With all three in play: prevent a player to draw with Zur's Weirding, at the end of his turn sac Children of Korlis and gain back every life you have lost. Return Children of Korlis in play with Gift of Immortality attached.

No one at the table can draw.
(Submitted by Beppolz)   Rating:(0)   
Infinite Quillspike + Infinite Snake Tokens
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Buy + Quillspike Buy + Devoted Druid Buy
Have all three in play. Tap the druid for mana, put a -1/-1 counter on the druid to untap it creating a 1/1 snake token, use the mana to remove the -1/-1 counter with Quillspike. Repeat the process.
(Submitted by Raven325)   Rating:(0)   
Synod Sanctum Yasova
Synod Sanctum Buy + Yasova Dragonclaw Buy
This should be in here along with the different land yasova combos
(Submitted by Deathstar Inc)   Rating:(1)   
Not so durable Servo
Durable Handicraft Buy + Animation Module Buy + Ashnod's Altar Buy
So I think Durable Handicraft Buy and Animation Module Buy are a noteworthy synergy (for every 2 you spend every time a creature or +1/+1 counter comes int play under your control create a 2/2). But by adding Ashnod's Alter (or Krark-Clan Ironworks Buy) you get infinite come into play/leave play effects, which makes it a combo.

Don't rate originality as this has been done many times over with several different cards. But inexpensive and fun.
(Submitted by bum3635)   Rating:(0)   
Insert Clever Combo Name
Evolutionary Escalation Buy + Willbreaker Buy
Pretty self-explanatory....and awesome.
(Submitted by Raven325)   Rating:(2)   
Not today, thank you!
Solemnity Buy + Delaying Shield Buy
This is similar to using Phyrexian Unlife Buy, but in contrast to that combo you don't die as soon as someone uses a Disenchant Buy.
And yes, that means you can put these three cards in a deck and any two of them will prevent you from losing due to life loss...Happy
(Submitted by FastJack)   Rating:(1)   
Depth Solemnity
Solemnity Buy + Dark Depths Buy
You can have Marit Lage immediately if you already have Solemnity in play when Dark Depths enter the battelfield.

Hope not a repost.
(Submitted by Beppolz)   Rating:(1)   
Potentially infinite Attacks
Neheb, the Eternal Buy + Aggravated Assault Buy
Deal 5 damage and get the mana to power the aggravated assault. Attack again to gain more mana in the next post combat phase. Repeat!
(Submitted by catnrice)   Rating:(2)   
Locust Swarm
The Locust God Buy + Beck Buy
A few options works work this without you drawing yourself to death.
this is just one. dire undercurrent is another.
(Submitted by catnrice)   Rating:(1)   

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