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blunthans   12/14/2016 9:06:20 PM
Yeah simic. Like your deck and think it's fun. Of course you might really boost the power-level if you get some more copies of the really good cards here (Hydras, Fathom Mage Buy, Thrummingbird Buy and especially Vorel of the Hull Clade Buy) another Biomancer would help too. Maybe get another breed-commander-deck ;)
You should try Cloudfin Raptor Buy. It looks harmless, but works very well in decks like these. Of course the Contagion Engine Buy and Doubling Season Buy would work - let's say well - in this deck.
If you want to get your Kioras to play in a deck, I think you have a fun built here, although the synergy between her and the counter-stuff is not more breath-taking than with any other commander of the colours.
I don't like the festivities and the outriders too much and maybe you'll need to ad one or two more lands or even better more counter-based early-drop-mana-engines.

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Hexyl   12/15/2016 4:25:48 PM
Wow, a comment! I am surprised since this site is not as busy as it used to be.

Thanks for your suggestions... just to clarify, I am mainly using the Festivities to protect Kiora. The Outriders may not seem great but they are not bad since I get a 4/4 trampler on turn 4, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The deck is still quite new and will get refined as I play more games. I am not using Doubling Season since it is in another decks I own, and I am trying a different route to pump up Kiora and her planeswalker friends.

The singletons add fun to the deck as I never know what I am going to draw. One card I am thinking to add more copies is Forgotten Ancient Buy because so far he is really amazing every time I have him in play.

As a final thought, so far the deck manages to win most of the time without Kiora's utlimate, which is a good thing in a way, however I really want to get Krakens to rule the board... I hope this will happen more often in the coming games!

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