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ShodanXGT   10/29/2017 6:37:36 AM
Hey brother, great deck my friend, looks absolutely crazy nasty when you get to the point of destruction. But thats my point, I love any kind of angelic decks, i been trying to make one myself for 10 years. You need to speed up your deck a little bit, like maybe use Lightning Bolt Buy, or Sunlance Buy for those turn 1 1\1 creatures that pick you off. How about one of my fav cards Angel's Grace Buy, since your running an angelic deck. If your looking for a a little more speed with white and red, one of my fav creatures in red is Wall of Razors Buy, a 4/1 wall with first strike....ouch!, or how my other fav, Flametongue Kavu Buy, comes into play and 4 damage to any creature of your choice, I run them in my burn deck. why not try Assault Buy, for the 2 damage.. The only other card I love is the good ol fashion Awe Strike Buy. Gain the life for there attacks. Also why throw in there maybe a Shunt Buy or 2 or 3 or 4, maybe if you wanna go back far enough, you can throw in a few Fork Buyor something to ward off those spells. Im not ganna sit here and down your deck, because TBH its looks bad@ss and i love it, but if a vintage deck is your key to winning, its needs a lot more speed. What am saying that a good solid burn deck out a few counterspells would eat this deck alive. I saw you had emakrul in here. Absolutely nasty card, and i have only been able to beat it once or twice, but the issue again is not your type of deck you chose, it is your masterpiece, and you will perfect it, what Im saying is that the deck theme is not the prob at all, but its the cost of the cards, hence why I suggested the card i mentioned. But there are hundreds of cards to use to beat the snot out anyone who challenges this deck. For example, If your really bent on using Sol Ring Buy, then throw more in, to my understanding, sol ring is only banned in Legacy, and is quite legal is vintage, so by all means, make use of it if you have to. Like for example you are using a spell like Return to Dust Buy, absolutely love the card, and even though it allows you to pick off 2 creatures with a twist, the cost of it is still 3 times more then a single Swords to Plowshares Buy, also, if you ever manage to meet a really really really really nice player who will trade you for a Mox Ruby Buy, be sure to use it well, and yes i know, its a bugger to get. Um maybe Lotus Petal Buy, maybe even a few Mox Diamond Buy.Your Wrath of God Buy, are right up my ally, love them, but they might be a downfall if you have a lot of creatures out. i love your deck and its giving ideas on a future angel deck. Great deck man. Check out my decks "the power 5 lock down" and few others if your like

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