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[DCI]GOAT   9/18/2018 5:14:36 PM
First things first, 61 bueno. The math bro. Need 60. Why not throw in Karn Liberated Buy? Yes, you have to make room for him, but there's a reason the most successful tron deck was created around him. Not using the best card in the combo doesn't make you original, it just makes your deck worse. The rest is plenty original. Mono blue is intriguing in and of itself. I'd replace some of the questionable artifacts (*cough* Talisman of Progress Buy *cough*) with ones proven to help control the game. Such as Relic of Progenitus Buy. I'm not sure how it'd play, but it looks ok. I had some consistent mulligans when I drew fake hands. I like the control and so overall I really like it, but it needs some tweaking to have the synergy and playability aspects. That said, a perfect hand with this deck is scary.

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