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Herald of Naya   5/17/2012 12:22:06 AM
I really like the idea of this deck. {G}{U} doesn't get a whole lot of attention anymore. I would try to make an equal split of color support, and try to keep the spell to creature ratio at 2:1 if you can. I would look into these cards:
Simic Growth Chamber Buy: It does require a land bounce, but you get both mana types you need at the same time.
Groundswell Buy: Awesome pump card which nets you either +2 or +4
Primal Bellow Buy: Great pump that magnifys with every forest you own.
Titanic Growth Buy: Nuff said!
Wild Defiance Buy: If you target your own creatures with other pump spells, they get another pump from this.
Dreadwaters Buy: If you manage to get dragged into a long game, this would make your opponent so mad.
Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Buy: C'mon, in a {G}{U} deck with multicolored cards, you can choose which ability to activate.
Temporal Spring Buy: No explanation needed.
Keep in mind, these are all suggestions. Some would work wonders in the current build of your deck, while others might make it so you remove certain cards completely.
Otherwise, its pretty decent. I like it.

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