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grenade878   12/28/2014 7:29:43 PM
I love Werewolf's, it's just such a fun deck. My deck build is very similar to yours (as most are), with just a few exceptions. IMHO you could do without Ulvenwald Mystics Buy and Wolfbitten Captive Buy. They just don't do a whole lot for the deck. I actaully run 4x Kruin Outlaw Buy in their place. In my experience, once she flips its so difficult for my opponent to deal with. a 3/3 Doublestriker that makes your werewolf's require an additional blocker is so strong, especially if they're buffed by Mayor of Avabruck Buy/Howlpack Alpha Buy, or Instigator Gang Buy/Wildblood Pack Buy. If I can get both Wildblood Pack Buy and Terror of Kruin Pass Buy flipped, its so incredibly difficult to deal with. Given the number of cheap Wolfs and Werewolf's these decks run, unless your opponent can wipe the board it's so overwhelming to deal with. Both Kruin Outlaw Buy and Instigator Gang Buy are really cheap right now, like .30 a piece. I hope this input helps. I really do love the all out reckless aggression of these decks. Happy

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