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A Tribute to Mogis (You rate, I rate), by The Dawnbringer      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 4/2/2015
Updated: 10/20/2015
Colors: Black Red

Intended Format: Standard
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Legal
MTGO Exten: Legal
MTGO Stand: Legal
MTGO Block: Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Legal

Deck Cost: $103.90*

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I own all of these cards. I just made this in about 2 hours. So its a work in progress. I haven't posted in years because I stopped playing. Go easy on me. Ha ha.

First of all, I just want to say this deck is fun and a powerhouse. Strict in theme, Mogis is the God of Slaughter and with that being said It doesn't really matter whose slaughter it is.

This deck is just masses of minotaurs, moving fast and dealing devastating damage, overpowering almost anything in their path, and there are several ways to do this.
There is a Mogis's Marauder who is actually human. Again, he fits theme.

--Mogis Marauder uses intimidate and can be played before a big push, even early in the game.

--Deathbellow Raider is good harassment in early game and has 3 toughness, meaning he will likely survive his assaults unless someone really tries to get rid of him. This is often good for you.

--Ragemonger is great for the devotion to Mogis (Like everything else) and he accelerates Kagra Warcallers being brought out primarily. He does support other creatures as well. Once you have around 5-6 mana, he is expendable which is nice.

-- Felhide Petrifier is another line buster because of deathtouch, though deathtouch is not really needed. Paired up with the Rageblood Shaman, the Felhide petrifier will destroy armies. Rather, he will help destroy armies.

-- Rageblood Shaman there isn't much to be said here. It's just best to play the Rageblood in an order that benefits you so he's not killed too quickly, having many helps overall theme and availability of his lethal boosts

-- Kagra Warcaller is awesome for giving minotaurs a savage boost once paired up with the Rageblood especially. If not he still gives other minotaurs haste, and he gains from his own boost as well.

--Fanatic of Mogis can kill X amount of opponents after just being played. The constant stress and furious attack that comes from this deck often weakens players, and as such the Fanatic usually kills them without further incident. If he does not and these creatures are not enough. Look at the spells and I will soon give great combos for killing many players.


--Twinflame is great for copying Fanatics of Mogis in a multiplayer game, or Kragma Warcallers. This spell also works wonders with Mogis's Marauder. The goal with this spell is to copy and strive to complete overwhelm your opponent in combat damage, or kill them from summoning the fanatic.

--Profane Command serves many purposes as you can resurrect creatures like the Marauder or the Fanatic again. Players losing life might just be enough to push them over the edge when you do this. If not, read the four options and you'll find they compliment everything, including creature control.

--Hero's Downfall is great if you are running too slow, or even possibly too rich with mana.


--Dictate of the Twin Gods is amazing, because this deck is built off the raw damage and speed of it. Dictate can also be played at key times with Flash, to fully benefit you.

--Whip of Erebos may not have been needed much, but giving these creatures Trample, Lifelink, Haste, Deathtouch to me seemed a good way to go. It's also a nice reanimator for Fanatic of Mogis, Mogis' Marauder, and Warcallers, Ragebloods.

--Mogis, the God of Slaughter is the deck's theme, Minotaurs paying tribute to him with rage and blood. A God card that's indestructible with the above mentioned abilities is brutal, but also he can played as fast as Turn 4 for 2 mana! His opponent upkeep ability also keeps the enemy lines thin.


--Temple of Malice is the chosen Nonbasic Land because of Scry.

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