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Young Pyromancer Season, by Wickedjester24      (48 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 11/13/2018
Updated: 11/13/2018
Colors: Red Green

Intended Format: Vintage
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Not Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $42.00*
Sideboard: $15.05*
Total Cost: $57.05*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
2 View Picture Charmbreaker Devils Buy
2 View Picture Guttersnipe Buy
2 View Picture Ogre Battledriver Buy
2 View Picture Scion of the Wild Buy
3 View Picture Siege Wurm Buy
4 View Picture Young Pyromancer Buy

4 View Picture Bolt of Keranos Buy
3 View Picture Chorus of Might Buy
4 View Picture Cultivate Buy
4 View Picture Krenko's Command Buy
4 View Picture Shock Buy
4 View Picture Titanic Growth Buy

2 View Picture Doubling Season Buy

4 View Picture Gruul Guildgate Buy
4 View Picture Radiant Fountain Buy

Sideboard     (16 cards)
4 View Picture Elvish Visionary Buy
2 View Picture Rockslide Elemental Buy
3 View Picture Battle Hymn Buy
3 View Picture Burn at the Stake Buy
2 View Picture Fling Buy
2 View Picture Raid Bombardment Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

Young Pyromancer is the keystone for this deck build. The idea is to play Pyromancer as early as possible to generate a mass horde to swing for your opponents life points. He's not a stand alone player though. Support cards such as Guttersnipe, Ogre Battledriver, and Scion of the Wild really shine within a few turns. Simple and cheap burn spells and creature buff spells allow you to very quickly overwhelm your opponent.

Works in the Magic 2015 app.

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