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It's Raining Tangle Wires, by Skyshroud7      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 4/4/2003
Updated: 5/17/2009
Colors: Colorless Blue

Intended Format: Casual/Fun
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Not Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $170.53*

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After a long hiatus from using this site, I thought it would be fair to update my deck. I've had lots of time to experiment with it in very large very brutal multiplayer groups. I've crippled combo decks, creature decks, direct damage, decks, discard deck, just about any deck really. The main reason is, the speed at which I abuse my card cards before the enemy can abuse theirs. Happy Basically the win condition is easy. You run them out of cards. Period. You may use Wheel and Deal Buy, maybe you might Howling Mine Buy them to death, or my favorite Forced Fruition Buy. The way you get there can be many roads. The prime and best way is getting Tangle Wire Buy out asap followed by an Umbilicus Buy. While this isn't the win condition it is pretty much the given that you have taken over. There are many stepping stones given to you in this deck along the way. Overburden Buy is just incredibly sickening if you can land it early on. I've had many games where you get a hand of Overburden x2, 2x lands, 1x Helm, and a Propaganda or some other twisted mix. This decks hardest challenge is a combo deck that needs mana to get going, it is almost like Russian Roulette. Over all, I've got the final deck list now, I doubt I will be changing it anymore as anything else I tend to do, just ends up being side grades rather than true advantages.

All in all, the history and reason for this deck was I started playing my multiplayer games with a hard core tournament version of reanimator (when entomb was in standard) It was the extended version at that time. As soon as multani would come out first turn as a 56/56 or higher.. people just ganged up on me. Then even if I changed decks people knew that I had some decent cards so they took me out first. I had to come up with a solution. I thought about stasis, but its too obvious and even too boring for me. I thought about tinker, but it had some risks.. So I figured why not make everyone pay Happy




I play multiplayer games ranging from 5-10 people once a week. They are mostly creature-based decks, or revolve around need creatures to get anywhere.

The win condition of my deck can either be three things. Run them out of cards, Black Vise them to death, or Umbilicus them to death as well. For now, we’ll stick to the millstone effect.

I wanted a deck that does more than just use millstones, grindstones, worry beads, and whetstone. I've done it before; it's just not powerful enough for me. I get ganged up on too easy. So I had to beat the objective of creatures the best I could. That is what these cards are for:

Umbilicus, Tangle Wire, Overburden, Pendrell Mists, Evacuation and Propaganda. That creates a slow lock on my opponents. (And in multiplayer you can be a little slower than the normal decks one on one of course.

My Second objective was Burn, burn wreck me, and I could not control it in anyway. So I added the 2 Energy Field. Here is where it gets tricky. The Umbilicus can serve as a multitude of different things:

1. It can return something back, and cause damage if no one chooses to. This of course is useless if they have nothing to chose to return back which lets them get around it; then again, that was the point. Who cares if they are not taking life when they have nothing out? (Duh!)

2. It can return Tangle Wires back, to let me play them again during my turn with a full new set of fading counters.

3. It can return Howling Mines back if I don't have Tangle Wire out to tap them. Why would I want to stop the mines?

- Because it lets me draw 1 card instead of up to a powerful 5 for that turn.

- I can play them again and make everyone else draw more.

4. It can return Energy Field in case I need to case a Wheel and Deal, Evacuation, or a Windfall. (I will get to the purpose of those cards in a moment.)

Ok We has established that Umbilicus is a great control card for the deck over all.

Third Objective was to run them out of cards.

I have Wheel and Deal and Windfall, along with Howling Mine. At first I thought Wheel and Deal would never see use in ANY deck. That was until I lost to it on Magic Online. A guy was casting howling mines, and we were digging it. No one touched him, until we were all down to about 21 cards, and he hit us with all four wheel and deals, drew us out of cards, and killed us.

So Now I've set out to create a deck around it and abuse it. Due to the nature of online gaming standard does not offer many ways to keep you protected. You either have to wait it out, and trick people into thinking your there to offer card drawing and not a real powerhouse or a threat or jump from game to game so people can rout you out.

Some of the ways I've used Wheel and Deal is like this:

1. Cast Wheel and Deal Normally, they discard (might be 1 card might be 7 or 10 who knows) and draw 7. Clean cut no biggie. Not what you really want to do unless you can pull it off fourth turn and most people still have a semi-full hand (5-7 cards)

2. Cast Wheel or Deal, then Windfall. You can either wait till you have no cards, or if you are just holding some islands then pitch it or grab you a couple cards. You empty your enemies’ hand and make them draw 7 more. Cool just milled 14 cards off the deck for 7 mana. A millstone would take 14 mana and 7 turns to do that, and I gained three cards off the deal!

3. Cast Evacuation and then cast Wheel and Deal or Windfall. You can call it Blues odd way of creating a Wrath of God at the cost of only 3-4 mana? (End of turn Evacuation pending of course.) This will return all the creatures, if there were any in the first place to return, and then you kill them by making them be discard. Not bad.

Keep in mind while this is all going on, they are also drawing cards like crazy from Howling Mines. Which most of the cards are not going to see play because of no mana for these reason usually:

1. Overburden, Tangle Wire, or Umbilicus. There lands are either being returned to fast, or being tapped. Unless they have an instant speed spell that can kill artifacts and enchantments at the same time, then they really are going to have a hard time playing. The sit with there cards in there hand, and could even be taking damage from Vise.

2. Trying to save mana for Propaganda to attack or paying the upkeep payments of Pendrell Mists, for their creatures.

After I came up with all that, I thought about Mana. I have two Rishadan Ports in my collection so I added those because they could fit the theme. Also I added the Academy for the mass artifacts I'm running and it does not seem to hinder anything in the deck. So that is 3 Lands right there. I added 19 Island after that. So that is a grand total of 22 Lands.

There you have it; this is Type 1 Multiplayer deck. It is designed to handle multiple opponents at the same time.

If you would like to build deck like this for your own group, but kind of quiver at the thought of having to obtain so many hard to get cards I can help you with that too.

You can replace a lot of these cards with other cards. Some might be safe to use some might not.

Howling Mine – Anvil of Bogardan
(The anvil will still make everyone draw two cards, and they of couse have to discard one of them too. The anvil will be much easier to buy or obtain by trade than Howling Mine will)

Tangle Wire – Soul Barrier
(Though it targets a Soul Barrier can really hinder the casting of creatures.)

Umbilicus – Aether Barrier
(Again like Soul Barrier this will make people think twice before casting something)

Propaganda – Fade Away or Ensnaring Bridge or Intruder Alarm
(If you really can’t get Propaganda this will upset the board just as well in some cases. If they can’t pay for 1 or even up to 4 if you cast them all at once, then they have to start sacrificing things. The bridge of course has been a popular way to stop creatures; Intruder Alarm can at least keep them tapped.)

Evacuation – Washout
(Not nearly as potent but will get the job done.)

Black Vise – Iron Maiden
(The obvious reprint of Black Vise)

I hope this has been very informational, and will lead you to build a brutal control deck for your multiplayer group. Beware however, after playing something like this you could be shot. Happy. Just kidding, keep a can of mace around though.

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