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Improved Strossus (Rate it I'll rate yours.), by Misner      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 2/13/2002
Updated: 5/21/2003
Colors: White Black Green

Intended Format: Vintage
Vintage: Not Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Not Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $318.37*
Sideboard: $55.89*
Total Cost: $374.26*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Birds of Paradise Buy
1 View Picture Devouring Strossus Buy
1 View Picture Elvish Piper Buy
4 View Picture Llanowar Elves Buy
1 View Picture Radiant's Dragoons Buy
1 View Picture Reya Dawnbringer Buy

4 View Picture Buried Alive Buy
4 View Picture Duress Buy
4 View Picture Living Wish Buy
4 View Picture Vampiric Tutor Buy
4 View Picture Victimize Buy

2 View Picture City of Solitude Buy
4 View Picture Dueling Grounds Buy
2 View Picture Oath of Ghouls Buy

4 View Picture Caves of Koilos Buy
6 View Picture Forest (1) Buy
4 View Picture Gemstone Mine Buy
3 View Picture Plains (1) Buy
3 View Picture Swamp (1) Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Benalish Trapper Buy
1 View Picture Bone Shredder Buy
1 View Picture Elvish Lyrist Buy
1 View Picture Monk Idealist Buy
1 View Picture Nova Cleric Buy
1 View Picture Reya Dawnbringer Buy
2 View Picture Eradicate Buy
2 View Picture Extinction Buy
2 View Picture Splinter Buy
1 View Picture Vampiric Tutor Buy
2 View Picture City of Solitude Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

Thanks too all of you this deck is continuing to get better, and I hope it will some more, thanks for any help! I do change it as people make suggestions. Heres how it works....

There are three ways the deck can be played:

Version1-(against creature heavy decks)
Turn1 Gemestone Mine Bird of Paradise. Turn2 Land and then use Burried Alive for Reya, Strossus and the Dragoons. Turn3 Land cast Victimize sacing the Bird and put Reya And Strosus into play. Then attack for kill and with their upkeeps gain 5 life every turn via Dragoons.

Version2-(If you don't get main combo)
Turn1-Land Elf or Bird. Turn2 and 3 land and cast Dueling Grounds or Benalish Trapper, it doesn't matter in what order. Then you wait for the Reya Strossus combo for win.

Version3- (For against Blue bounce and counters)
Use Vampiric Tutors to get both the City and a Duress into your hand. You Duress getting rid of a counter and cast the City. That will stop them from countering for the rest of the game, you just set up the win conditions like in Version 1 except instaed of getting the Dragoons get the Elvish Piper into your Graveyard and Victimize in Reya and the Piper.
During your next turn use Reyas ability to get Stossus into play.You wnat the Piper instead because Blue will bounce them to your hand during their turn, and the Piper makes a lot easier to cast Reya and Stossus over and over again until you win.

Other cards like the Oath of Gouls are really usefull against burn to get bake cards like the birds and elves and all the other creatures. Hope you like the deck...

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