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Disturbing the Spirits (Ur8//Ir8 Two of Yours), by Lips845      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 10/9/2003
Updated: 11/8/2003
Colors: White

Intended Format: Vintage
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $257.71*
Sideboard: $13.09*
Total Cost: $270.80*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Blinking Spirit Buy
3 View Picture Fountain Watch Buy
4 View Picture Luminous Angel Buy
1 View Picture Reya Dawnbringer Buy
4 View Picture Thunder Spirit Buy
4 View Picture Windborn Muse Buy

3 View Picture Angelic Chorus Buy
3 View Picture Glorious Anthem Buy
4 View Picture Land Tax Buy
4 View Picture Shared Triumph Buy

1 View Picture Leonin Sun Standard Buy
4 View Picture Pearl Medallion Buy

21 View Picture Plains (1) Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Reya Dawnbringer Buy
1 View Picture Windborn Muse Buy
4 View Picture Disenchant Buy
4 View Picture Harsh Mercy Buy
1 View Picture March of Souls Buy
4 View Picture Harsh Judgment Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

{W}{W}{W}When Spirits and Angels get ticked off{W}{W}{W}

Your bound to take some early damage, but thunder spirit, windborn muse, and blinking spirit can quickly handle all of that. And later you can use Angelic Chorus in combo with either Blinking Spirit or Luminous angel to gain you some life. (Blinking Spirit works amazing with some medallions and the Chourus bc like for 1 mana u play then 0 to return, repeat for 2 life a cycle. The Angel produces a spirit every turn and you gain life according to its current power.

Land tax will pull that much needed land, and soon enough, with pearl medallion as well, you can play Luminous Angel.

Leonin Sun Standard owns :/

Soon an army of very powerful flying creatures will stand at your command, waiting to win it for you Happy

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