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Berserk ( r8 please i'll r8 you ), by {Aragorn}      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 11/12/2004
Updated: 6/11/2008
Colors: Colorless Red Green

Intended Format: Vintage
Vintage: Not Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $199.54*
Sideboard: $88.41*
Total Cost: $287.95*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Ball Lightning Buy
4 View Picture Blistering Firecat Buy
4 View Picture Kird Ape Buy
3 View Picture Orcish Lumberjack Buy
4 View Picture Simian Spirit Guide Buy
4 View Picture Tinder Wall Buy

4 View Picture Berserk Buy
3 View Picture Blood Lust Buy
2 View Picture Burning Wish Buy
3 View Picture Invigorate Buy
4 View Picture Lightning Bolt Buy

4 View Picture Lotus Petal Buy

3 View Picture Forest Buy
2 View Picture Karplusan Forest Buy
4 View Picture Mountain Buy
4 View Picture Taiga Buy
4 View Picture Wooded Foothills Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Gorilla Shaman (2) Buy
1 View Picture Anarchy Buy
1 View Picture Artifact Mutation Buy
1 View Picture Breaking Point Buy
1 View Picture Chain Lightning Buy
1 View Picture Decimate Buy
1 View Picture Electrostatic Bolt Buy
1 View Picture Naturalize Buy
1 View Picture Pyroclasm Buy
1 View Picture Shatterstorm Buy
2 View Picture City of Solitude Buy
2 View Picture Tormod's Crypt Buy
1 View Picture Maze of Ith Buy

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Original Comment

Just throw four of these in a Green Deck and have fun... Good
Berserk Buy + Berserk Buy = Good Times.
Can actually be used on opponents' creatures as Green Removal ( But this is NOT the best way to use it ... )!
I had a deck that KILLS on turn TWO! Goes like this:
Turn 1 - Taiga Buy, Tinder Wall Buy.
Turn 2 - Mountain Buy, sac Wall for {R}{R} to play Ball Lightning Buy. Attack. Play Invigorate Buy on your Ball for FREE (Opponent gains 3 life), Giant Growth Buy your Ball (now a 13/Cool. Ditch an Elvish Spirit Guide Buy for {G}, Berserk Buy your Ball (now 26/Cool. Sacrifice your Taiga Buy & Mountain Buy to play Fireblast Buy and rub it in for 30 Damage Total.
Of course, this scenario needs your opponent to start, and you getting the god hand, but that's about the gist of the deck, and it has happened!
My deck had Lightning Bolt Buy instead of Giant Growth Buy for flexibility.
Also had Blistering Firecat Buy, Skizzik Buy & Erhnam Djinn Buy all x2-3. Good balance.
The REAL secret to Berserk is Invigorate, don't forget it.
Elvish Spirit Guide helps too, but Invigorate is it.


NEW Comment

It was a fast deck .. and yes it could win on the first/second turn but ... if my opponent at the first turn play Force of Will Buy ... BIG PROBLEM! On the other hand that deck was very FUN ( And i Love that )!
Now you can see that many cards of the original Deck are not in the main deck, a lot of people help me in different ways ( Kujuta, CripplestiX, Blunthans, Disburden, Greatbeastzanifar, and so on ... ). You can see the changes in the "Story of the Deck".
I try to build a deck very fast in first turns ( 3°/4° turn kill without problems ) and good in the middle-game! If the game exceeds over 10° you are playing against a Welder Mud or a Stacks ... ( The SB can help Goblin Welder Buy, Gorilla Shaman (2) Buy,Artifact Mutation Buy and Tormod's Crypt Buy but is difficult to win agains this kind of deks ... )
The Killer cards are : Blistering Firecat Buy, Lightning Bolt Buy, and Berserk Buy ( Reckless Charge Buy --> {R}{R}{G} Kird Ape Buy+Berserk Buy+Reckless Charge Buy= 10 damage ... good, Flashback ability also help you in the middlegame ); The drawing enjine : Skullclamp Buy + Tinder Wall Buy ( also sac to have {R}{R} ) or + Birds of Paradise Buy ( Many tims useless in the middle game ) or + Eternal Witness Buy ( Great card in this deck ) or + Ball Lightning Buy&Blistering Firecat Buy ( If they are alive during the second main phase ) + sometimes Kird Ape Buy ( to pump it )

The Sideboard :

--> Against CONTROL : Use 1 or 2 Fork Buy, City of Solitude Buy and Defense Grid Buy. Replace 1 or 2 Lightning Bolt Buy and 1 or 2 Reckless Charge Buy

--> Against ARTIFACT useGorilla Shaman (2) Buy, 2 Artifact Mutation Buy and 1 or 2 Tormod's Crypt Buy Against Welder. Replace 1 or 2 Lightning Bolt Buy and 1 or 2 Reckless Charge Buy

--> Against ZOO use Breaking Point Buy and Pyroclasm Buy. Replace 1 or 2 Lightning Bolt Buy and 1 or 2 Reckless Charge Buy

--> Against OATH and REANIMATOR use 2 Maze of Ith Buy, 1 or 2 Tormod's Crypt Buy against reanimator, 1 or 2 Naturalize Buy against oath. Replace 2 Reckless Charge Buy


Story of the Deck

Idea 11/15/2004 --> Kujata suggests to add Orkish Lumberjak ... GREAT

Idea 11/17/2004 --> CripplestiX suggests to add Skullclamp ... GREAT (i have to sac creature anyway ... the best way to draw in a creature based deck)

Idea 11/24/2004 --> Blunthans suggests to add Okks and replace Djinn ... not bad ... i'm going to try! He also suggests to use Rancor Buy (i think this is a good idea: ball + rancor = 4 mana for 8 damage ... and at the end of the turn the Rancor Buy in my hand!) so i'm going to set aside 2 Blood Lust Buy ... thanks

Idea 12/8/04 --> I try to play whitout Birds of Paradise Buy but i need them ... not very fast in T1 but good with Skullclamp Buy i think 3 of them is the appropriate choice. I need a good fast and fling or trample creature ... i'm going to try Rorix Bladwing!
I replace one Sylvan Library Buy and add one Fecundity Buy cause i have 8 creature (haste trample) that i have to destroy at the end of the turn + 10 creature that died for Skullclamp Buy!

Idea 15/12/04 --> Disburden suggest to use Tormond's crypt i SB for welder-decks and Gorilla Shaman (2) Buy as mox monkey! I add also 2 Goblin Welder Buy Great!!!!! -1 fecundity +1 Sylvan.
Out "pump" creatures in Kird Ape Buy!

Idea 23/12/04 --> Side 2x Fork Buy ( against CONTROL ), Deck 2x Eternal Witness Buy cause i have few creature and they died at the end of the turn...

Idea 03/01/05 --> Thanks a lot Greatbeastzanifar, you are a great Magic player, Thanks, thanks a million :

In: One more Eternal Witness Buy, 3 Reckless Charge Buy ( Great in flashback... i play [cardsol ring[/card] to cast it and to play Skullklamp ability) ( I try to play Strip Mine Buy/Wasteland Buy land but my deck need color mana maybe in SB against Mishra's Workshop Buy, Maze of Ith Buy and Tolarian Academy Buy... )

Out: 1 Orcish Lumberjack Buy ( I like this card when i draw a lot of cards in the midgame, using Skullclamp Buy, it help me to destroy the enemy casting a lot, so i try to play with 2 of this ), 2 Rorix Bladwing ( Yes i don't like them in this deck)!
Maybe i'll replace 2 more Orcish Lumberjack Buy for 1 more Bird of paradise and one more Reckless Charge Buy. --> 07/01/05 ... so i do ...

Idea 07/01/05 --> Thanks to Kujata for SB :
-2 Goblin Welder Buy +1 Mogg Fanatic Buy ( against welders, also good whit Skullclamp Buy ) and +1 Price of Glory Buy ( against CONTROL ) Good

Idea 09/01/05 --> Thanks to Marathan! SO ... :
1) I haven't a Black Lotus Buy but if one day i'll have it sure i'll put it in all my decks.
Yes out Sol ring!
2)Yes 2 x Silvan library are too much! Only one! I'm going to consider Mirri's Guile Buy ( But some times lose 4 life and draw one more cards help me )!

Idea 09/01/05 --> Thanks to Wieren20 I change the SB in this way :
-1Price of Glory Buy, -1 Pyroclasm Buy
+1 City of Solitude Buy, +1 Defense Grid Buy



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