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OMGZ TOURNEY WINNING RAT CLOUDZ§ (UR8 IR8), by Toolz of the Trade      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 2/26/2005
Updated: 8/14/2005
Colors: Colorless Black

Intended Format: Standard
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Legal
MTGO Exten: Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $188.14*
Sideboard: $35.47*
Total Cost: $223.61*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Chittering Rats Buy
2 View Picture Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Buy
3 View Picture Nezumi Shortfang Buy
4 View Picture Ravenous Rats Buy
4 View Picture Skull Collector Buy
3 View Picture Solemn Simulacrum Buy

3 View Picture Death Cloud Buy
3 View Picture Night's Whisper Buy
4 View Picture Rend Flesh Buy

4 View Picture Aether Vial Buy
2 View Picture Chrome Mox Buy
2 View Picture Sword of Fire and Ice Buy
1 View Picture Sword of Light and Shadow Buy

4 View Picture Blinkmoth Nexus Buy
1 View Picture Shizo, Death's Storehouse Buy
16 View Picture Swamp Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
3 View Picture Nekrataal Buy
2 View Picture Nezumi Graverobber Buy
4 View Picture Cranial Extraction Buy
2 View Picture Echoing Decay Buy
3 View Picture Pithing Needle Buy
1 View Picture Boseiju, Who Shelters All Buy

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How it Works

When ravager gets bad hands this deck takes it apart Happy

By popular demand... My recent tourney report.

June 24 FNM

Round 1: B/G Rock-esqe
Game1: Well I drew an insane hand of rats Jen and moxen. It was Turn 1 Ravenous, Turn 2 Chittering, Turn 3 Jen, Turn 4 DC for 3. The Death cloud completely emptied his side of the board, getting rid of the problematic Ascetic that was slowly killing me. After the DC I get insane Topdecks with a Ravenous rat and then Ink-Eyes. He gets owned by inky and his own Ascetic.
Game2: See Game One, but with a Turn 6 Skull Collector/Ravenous Rat Lock

Round 2: med red
Game1: I was really worried about this game as red is my worst matchup. I just prayed for the best.
Well my Turn 1 vial was met by his turn 1 hasty Slith (ouch) Turn 2 I was forced to play a moxen to rend flesh the slith. He slowed down after turn 3, with only another slith on the board. I managed to play chittering and ravenous rats on Turn 4. Turn 5 I get down a shortfang, which gets burned. Turn 6 I get down another shortfang, which flips next turn. GG
Game2: This game didn't go so well...
I start with T1 Vial, and his T1 slith... into his T2 Slith... Into his T3 Slogger. My only defenses of two ravenous get burned. A Vialed in Chittering saved me for a turn but I just couldn't stop him.
Game3: This on was fun Happy
Turn2 Chittering, T3 Chittering, T4 Chittering, T5 Inky, T6 2 Chittering Rats Cool Needless to say I won.

Round3: More Red Stuff
Game1: This guy was pretty bad, I don't even know how he got this far. His LD didn't slow me down because I drew 3 Jen in my opening hand (Yes, 3) T7 I had far too much land, DC for a lot. He can't recover. GG.
Game2: Not as cool as game1 but whatev. He over-extends his resources and shortfang catches him with no hand. Then I bust out the Skull Collector/Chittering Rat combo, he can't recover.

Round 4: Red... Again
We draw into top 4

Round5: The almost exact same build of my deck
Game1: Mirror Match, should be fun Cool
Turns out its not that fun. He started off fast with ravenous rats and it looked like I was going to lose. A few smart plays on my part (see: vialing stuff in) left him with a creaturless board. I caught him with the Skull Collector/Chittering Rat Combo when he had no answers in his hand. He dies to a flipped Shortfang.
Game2: I start off fast, with T1 Ravenous, T2 Ravenous and Vial, T3 Jen, T4 Skull Collector/Chittering Combo. He doesn't have answers.

Yay, I end up with the best record. My prize: Packs and a shiny FNM Fact or Fiction HappyHappyHappyHappy

UPDATE{B}{B}: Alright I finally eat my own words. I recently owned at FNM with a somewhat different build. I believe this build will work better overall, but I still don't use jitte Happy
UPDATE{B}{B}: I took out Yukora, and put in Ink-Eyes. This may seem questionable but I think its for the better. I just ninjitsu it in, grab one of their creatures, and continue the beats. Plus it regenerates, and doesn't blow up all my other creatures when it dies.
EDIT{B}{B}: I put up the sideboardings for the matches. Please help me with them as I am really bad at sideboarding stuff in, all help apreciated.

Against TnN: Kinda sit back, mess with their hand mostly while building up your creature and land base. When they TnN Drop a DC. After that its pretty much swing for the win, unless they TnN again, which is just as simple as dropping another DC.
-4 Rend Flesh (what in TnN can get blown up? Kiki? Thats it)

+4 Cranial Extraction

Against R/G Control: I feel as though this is my worst matchup even though many people have told me its my best. If R/G gets started fast and brings out turn 2 Stone rain or something, I'm worried. The best I can hope for is a turn 1 Vial, which will allow me to get out some creatures. Hopefully they will run out of steam and I can stall with my rats while my land base returns. After that rend flesh their big guys and swing.
Sideboardings: Not a clue. Help.

Against MUC: I can only hope I get off to a fast start and ruin their hand. Just go all out aggro with my rats and swords. Normally wont drop a yukora because they can just shackle it. If they take a rat equipped with a sword I can re-equip and move on.
Sideboardings: I know there is more I can do, please tell me.
-1 rend flesh
-3 skull collector (in the bc matchup he gets bounced, or stolen, or countered... they have too many cards in hand to make him that much of a pain anyway)

+1 Boseiju, Who Shelters All
+3 Pithing Needle

Against MBC: This will take MBC apart. I start off faster and waste their hand. Creature control isn't really a problem for me as I have plenty of rats at my disposal. O-Stones don't seem to stop me as much as they should, infact they almost seem to help sometimes. I should be fine here, just make them discard, or lose a draw. Make sure they don't drop a Westside Massive, and I'm golden.
Sideboarding: Don't really sideboard bit if I need to...
-4 Rend Flesh (MBC uses spirits for win)

+4 Cranial Extraction (for Westside massive or DC)

Against G/U Control: Kind of a toss up. Personally I think this match is in my favor, most of the time. While they set up I can hassle their hand. The main problem is not the counter magic, but when the DC resolves. In response they make 9-12 tokens (oh its happened) they end up with a nice hand of 4 lands and counters, A healthy supply of creatures to chump block with while I set up control. It all really comes down to the opening turns in how much I can slow them down and make them discard. If they don't have a hand by turn 5, its my game. Otherwise it could be trouble.
Sideboarding: No Clue, help

Against WW: I just tested this match-up out. Unsurprisingly its all about the early game. If my rats start out first turn with some spot removal back up things should start to swing my way. But if I get bad draws the weenies kinda start to overrun me. Even deathcloud wont help by then. So as long as I can keep a steady wall of rats out until I drop yukora I can pull out the win. Otherwise I'm always fighting to hang on.
-3 Shortfang
-3 Jen (too expensive, I don't need mana fixing against this match up)

+4 Echoing Decay (ouch)
+2 Nekrataal (more for the late game, after I establish control)

Against DC Green: I wont lie, DC Green takes this deck apart but I don't have anything against it.. DC Gr is faster than me, recovers faster... I can only hope to ruin their hand fast enough.
-4 Rend Flesh

+4 Cranial Extraction

People have asked me to do random Urza.Decks so...
Against BlueUrzaTron: This deck trys to do too many things at once, with multiple game winning combos/ways to hang on in a losing situation. Unfortunately if UrzaBlue doesn't have a hand or combo peices in hand... they lose, fast. My rats make short work if they don't set up fast enough, when Skull Collector hits the field its GG because chances are, the card they are holding isn't an answer.
-4 Rend Flesh (relies on spirits or Colossus pretty much)
+3 pithing needle
+1 Nekrataal (just in case)

Against Anything Else: I'm not worried about. This deck has proven to me it can handle all jank thrown at it with ease. Ruin hands, control the board. GG.

If I'm forgetting any matchups that this needs to be tested against please tell me. A Smart rate will receive A Smart Rate.

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