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My enduring ideal (original), by oneill90      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 5/28/2005
Updated: 8/13/2005
Colors: White Blue Black Red Green

Intended Format: Casual/Fun
Vintage: Not Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Not Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $223.83*
Sideboard: $368.31*
Total Cost: $592.14*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Birds of Paradise Buy
4 View Picture Sakura-Tribe Elder Buy
2 View Picture Utopia Tree Buy
2 View Picture Vine Trellis Buy

3 View Picture Enduring Ideal Buy
4 View Picture Kodama's Reach Buy
3 View Picture Mystical Tutor Buy
2 View Picture Personal Tutor Buy

1 View Picture Confiscate Buy
1 View Picture Energy Vortex Buy
1 View Picture Form of the Dragon Buy
1 View Picture Genju of the Realm Buy
1 View Picture Humility Buy
1 View Picture Impending Disaster Buy
1 View Picture Ivory Mask Buy
1 View Picture Lethal Vapors Buy
1 View Picture Meishin, the Mind Cage Buy
1 View Picture Opalescence Buy
1 View Picture Penance Buy
1 View Picture Planar Collapse Buy
1 View Picture Sterling Grove Buy
1 View Picture Story Circle Buy
1 View Picture Worship Buy

1 View Picture Sol Ring Buy

5 View Picture Forest Buy
1 View Picture Island Buy
3 View Picture Plains Buy
3 View Picture Savannah Buy
3 View Picture Tropical Island Buy
3 View Picture Tundra Buy
2 View Picture Windswept Heath Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Bazaar of Wonders Buy
1 View Picture Call to the Grave Buy
1 View Picture Curse of Marit Lage Buy
1 View Picture Divine Intervention Buy
1 View Picture Embargo Buy
1 View Picture Grip of Chaos Buy
1 View Picture Honden of Cleansing Fire Buy
1 View Picture In the Eye of Chaos Buy
1 View Picture Invoke Prejudice Buy
1 View Picture Mana Vortex Buy
1 View Picture Moat Buy
1 View Picture Night of Souls' Betrayal Buy
1 View Picture Rising Waters Buy
1 View Picture Rule of Law Buy
1 View Picture Zur's Weirding Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

i really want to get a lot of rates, preferably over 100. This is the first original deck that i have created and i want it to be well known on the site, so take your best shot at it and give it some constructive criticism if need be
Please dont suggest removing the dual lands becasue i have all of them and this is a casual deck.

this is a deck that Eternal darkness and i concocted and it works rather well using the new saviors card Enduring Ideal Buy to beat your opponent to a bloody pulp by getting every possible expensive enchantment out that you feel like.
It has an insane amount of mana acceleration so that i get out my Enduring Ideal Buy out turn 4 at the latest.
Here is a detailed card list + explanation:

Birds of Paradise Buy: mana acceleration + possible blocker if need be.
Utopia Tree Buy: awsome accelerator, only second to BOP, kind of like its little brother
Vine Trellis Buy: Props to Wu-tangler on this one. It is a nice early blocker that can hold of a hord until i get my ideal out. It also can produce mana so that i can get it out faster.
Enduring Ideal Buythe centerpiece of this deck, it allows me to play all of those high casting cost enchantments with various colors.
Mystical Tutor Buy and Personal Tutor Buy: both of these help to either search out my Enduring Ideal Buy or find a Kodama's Reach Buy if i am having mana problems
Sol Ring Buy: Do i really need to say??
Kodama's Reach Buy: land acceleration, the best there is.
Sakura-Tribe Elder Buy: also a good land accelerator and blocker

The Enchantments

not all of these enchantments are mainboard. Some are sideboarded and some are in the mainboard. I will often mix and match with the sideboard to find the best ones to use.

Form of the Dragon Buy: this is one of the main win conditions, Pop this baby out and its 4 turns till your opponent loses. other cards will make sure that the opponent cant attack you or cast burn spells at your head while this baby is out
Genju of the Realm Buy: Not really that awsome in this deck but it is an alternate win condition, and lets face it, who wouldn't want to kill the opponent with a supped up land. However, it does not go well with Meishin, the Mind Cage Buy so any possible replacements would be greatly appreciated
Honden of Cleansing Fire Buy: very good synergy with the weirding, it is essentially a lockdown for the opponent because he cant draw any cards. I am not affected by this because i dont need to draw to win.
Impending Disaster Buy: In the words of my best friend who plays a L/D deck, "Who needs land". This card will wipe the field of land and put my opponent at a severe disadvantage because i dont need lands if i cant play spells.
Planar Collapse Buy: just like impending disaster, i dont need creatures if my win condition is enchantments, so why not take out my opponents since i have very few anyway.
Ivory Mask Buy: for all you pyromaniacs out there, i shoved this card into the deck just so that you cant through Lightning Bolt Buy's at my head.
Meishin, the Mind Cage Buy: since i have other win conditions besides creature beatdown, this card barely affects me. But if the opponent relies heavily on beating the crap out of me with his fat ass creatures, this is going to put a big dent in his plans because my hand is always going to have lots of cards(usually 7)because i cant play spells, but im still drawing cards.
Opalescence Buy: probably my favorite way to win, this card transforms all of my enchantments into creatures so i can beat the crap out of you.
Rule of Law Buy: As eternal darkness said, since im already "playing" one spell per turn, why "not extend this restriction to my opponent as a justified kindness"
Sterling Grove Buy: this little guy may seem out of place, but who else is going to protect all of my beautiful enchantments.
Penance Buy: this guy helps out a lot if i have any enchantments in my hand when i play Enduring Ideal Buy because it allows me to put my enchantments back on top of my library and then search them out with the ideal whil potentially protecting me from any black or red source which would deal me damage.
Zur's Weirding Buy: very good card to use with the white honden because it allows me to opt for my opponent to discard every card he attempts to draw without any negetive consequences for myself.
Humility Buy: Creatures are not important to me in this deck after i get out my Enduring Ideal Buy, so why not make all creatures essentially useless.
Confiscate Buy: awsome card that lets me steal anything from an opponent. You have an anyoing fatty that is going to beat my face in, ill take it. Anything i want from you, ill take it.
Energy Vortex Buy: thanks to bjanze on this one. Basically, what am i going to do with all of that mana after i play the ideal. Why not put all of that acceleration to good use. This card works similarly to form of the dragon
Lethal Vapors Buy: ggod card for when i dont feel like having to deal with any more creatures. If they want to take a chance and lose a turn, ill just find another threat to bring out.
Bazaar of Wonders Buy: if i find myself up against a burn deck or any deck that likes to use a lot 4 of's in their deck, this card will usually not do much, but it is fun to use if you want to.
Call to the Grave Buy: just a nice slow and easy board wiper that will kill of all of my enemys creatures(as long as he/she is not playing zombies) and will kill of ones that they try to put into play while the enchantment is out. If they stop playing creatures because they dont want to lose them, the i have more time to develope my enchantment board position.
Curse of Marit Lage Buy: What else could it be besides a color hoser. This is not blue's best friend.
Embargo Buy: very good control card in this deck because untapping stuff does not matter once the ideal is out and my enchanments dont need to tap and untap to be effective. Also, the loss of two life per turn can be negated through the use of the white honden.
Grip of Chaos Buy: Why not spice things up with a pinch of chaos. This card is fun to use and can mess with your opponents head, especially if they are using burn. How funny would it be for your opponent to Lightning Bolt Buy him or herself to death.Happy
Harsh Judgment Buy: Again, another instant and sorcerie hoser. Works most effectivly against burn, which is always red. You can make the opponent kill himself with his own spells or be fearfull of playing anything, in which case you overrun him with enchantments.
In the Eye of Chaos Buy; Your friendly neighborhood instant hoser. This bad boy helps against burn, and counter magic. Can you beat that??
Invoke Prejudice Buy: Despite the fact that the picture on this card is somewhtat racist(Yes we all know what it looks like), it can be somewhat usefull in stopping your opponent from playing any more creatures, as long as they are not playing green.
Mana Vortex Buy: another way to dispose of all the lands on the board and discourage your opponent from playing more of them. Doesn't hurt me because i dont need lands to win.
Moat Buy: sort of like Form of the Dragon Buy, only this card is in some ways better becasue although it deals no damage, it also does not make you suceptible to simple burn cards that would normally kill of the player using Form of the Dragon Buy.
Night of Souls' Betrayal Buy: this bad boy serves to purposes. The first is that it is a weenie killer so if i play a WW weenie deck or elves or goblins or something, this will greatly help. Secondly, it pairs nicely with Humility Buy to kil of all creatures after embarising the opponent by making all of his creatures into puny 1/1's.
Rising Waters Buy: A nice land control card that can severly put a dent in my opponents plans and slow him down drastically.
Story Circle Buy: usually used when facing burn decks, this card can stop damage from creatures and other spells alike. Will probably get mainboarded.
Worship Buy: This is the card, that if i am about to die , will be the first to get grabbed by the Enduring Ideal Buy. It can protect me long enough to get out a card that is a more permanant form of protection.


Most of The lands in this deck produce at least 2 colors of mana in combinations of either {U}{G}, {U}{W}, or {G}{W}
This lands help me to cast cards of the three diferent colors in the deck, Blue, Green, and White.
Windswept Heath Buy: a good land searcher that also thins my deck so that i draw usefull cards.

Please comment on my deck because it is original and very competative.
Thanks in advance

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