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Elemental Pandemonium v2 (ratebacks), by solid19snake      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 1/31/2008
Updated: 2/19/2008
Colors: Blue Red

Intended Format: Standard
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Legal
MTGO Exten: Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $81.95*
Sideboard: $7.05*
Total Cost: $89.00*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
3 View Picture Changeling Berserker Buy
3 View Picture Flamekin Harbinger Buy
3 View Picture Incandescent Soulstoke Buy
3 View Picture Mulldrifter Buy
2 View Picture Norin the Wary Buy
3 View Picture Nova Chaser Buy
3 View Picture Smokebraider Buy
3 View Picture Supreme Exemplar Buy

4 View Picture Delay Buy
3 View Picture Disperse Buy
4 View Picture Rite of Flame Buy

4 View Picture Pandemonium Buy

6 View Picture Island Buy
8 View Picture Mountain Buy
1 View Picture Safe Haven Buy
4 View Picture Shivan Reef Buy
3 View Picture Spinerock Knoll Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
3 View Picture Boomerang Buy
3 View Picture Familiar's Ruse Buy
3 View Picture Fatal Frenzy Buy
3 View Picture Fury Charm Buy
3 View Picture Pyroclasm Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

I need help sideboarding for tournament play!

The basic idea is to play turn 2 Smokebraider Buy, turn 3 Incandescent Soulstoke Buy, turn 4 Pandemonium Buy, and soulstoke-in a Nova Chaser Buy or Supreme Exemplar Buy with the Smokebraider Buy's mana. Be sure to champion the Smokebraider Buy so you get the extra damage from the Soulstoke, plus the Nova will die at end of turn so you can use the Smokebraider again next turn for casting more elementals. Or champion the Flamekin Harbinger Buy to go for more Nova's or Exemplars. So that'll do 11 damage from Pandemonium Buy when the Nova Chaser Buy comes into play, plus 11 possible trample damage from the Nova Chaser Buy attacking. (or flying damage with Supreme Exemplar Buy).
Granted, it usually doesn't happen this way, but it's still a decent deck if it doesn't hit right away.

If that doesn't work...

Continue to champion your championing creatures to put infinite damage on the stack. All it takes is 3 for an infinite loop! Awesome for multiplayer! This siht is the bomb-diggity.

Norin the Wary Buy becomes a pain in their ass quickly. With Pandemonium Buy on the board, he does 2 damage your turn, 2 damage their turn, as long as spells are being played or attacks are being made. Pretty efficient.

Flamekin Harbinger Buy to tutor any creature except Norin.

Mulldrifter Buy for card draw. Try this... Evoke a Mulldrifter Buy, then Soulstoke-in a Nova Chaser Buy, Supreme Exemplar Buy, or Changeling Berserker Buy, championing the Mulldrifter Buy. Two more cards when Mulldrifter Buy comes back into play at end of turn when you sac the championer. Pretty sweet little combo.

Disperse Buy for a touch of control or to return the Nova Chaser Buys or Supreme Exemplar Buys to your hand so you can play them again and again! Also useful for those pesky Oblivion Ring Buys that everyone plays right now or anything else that proves to be harmful.

Added Delay Buy for some extra control. Seems to be effective in online testing.

Spinerock Knoll Buy is in there for bringing in another big creature to finish them off. I gotta say it's rather effective, especially after Soulstoking in a Nova Chaser Buy or Supreme Exemplar Buy.

Testing Safe Haven Buy. Don't know if it'll stay. The idea is obviously to attack with a creature and remove it after damage is dealt but before it dies. Then sacrifice Safe Haven Buy next upkeep to bring it back into play (hopefully with Pandemonium Buy out).

Changed my mind on the Simian Spirit Guide Buy, and think I'm going with Rite of Flame Buy to get panedmonium out on turn 3 instead.

I finally caved and bought some [card]shivan reef. Argh!

Added Boomerang Buy to sideboard in for decks that use the Hideaway lands (see Dragonstorm) and other miscellaneous things I'd have trouble getting rid of.

Added Familiar's Ruse Buy for a little control and allows me to return large creatures to hand for more Pandemonium action.

Added Pyroclasm Buy for horde decks (see Kithkin/Elves).

Added Fatal Frenzy Buy to sub in against decks that lack removal. Likely to be used on Nova Chaser Buy and Supreme Exemplar Buy. It only makes sense to kill them with one attack if you can!

Added Fury Charm Buy to take care of Pithing Needle Buy mostly, and to smash LoxyHammers, but also to give some trample effects for the Berserkers and Exemplars.

I need more/better ideas.

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