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Zombie Slaughter (for FNM), by NoAggro      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 11/20/2008
Updated: 5/17/2009
Colors: White Black

Intended Format: Standard
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Legal
MTGO Vinta: Legal
MTGO Exten: Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Legal

Deck Cost: $150.10*
Sideboard: $8.07*
Total Cost: $158.17*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
4 View Picture Death Baron Buy
4 View Picture Lord of the Undead Buy
4 View Picture Tidehollow Sculler Buy
4 View Picture Viscera Dragger Buy

4 View Picture Nameless Inversion Buy
4 View Picture Path to Exile Buy
2 View Picture Profane Command Buy
2 View Picture Raven's Crime Buy
2 View Picture Terror Buy
4 View Picture Zealous Persecution Buy

2 View Picture Arcane Sanctum Buy
2 View Picture Caves of Koilos Buy
6 View Picture Plains Buy
1 View Picture Spawning Pool Buy
13 View Picture Swamp Buy

2 View Picture Liliana Vess Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
4 View Picture Burrenton Forge-Tender Buy
2 View Picture Cauldron Haze Buy
4 View Picture Infest Buy
2 View Picture Talara's Bane Buy
3 View Picture Oblivion Ring Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

%%%For the Kithkin/WW match-up, this does very very well. I side in the 4th infest and forge-tenders for Vengeant builds, and if I hit any Infest Buys, then they're done for.%%%

***For the Fae match-up, I found that my best option is to keep out my big, expensive zombies (Graveborn Muse Buy) and the death-touch zombie lord are simply luxuries I can't afford. Festering Goblin Buy and Tidehollow Sculler Buy, as cheap drops and for their effects, are invaluable here, as I can drop them (usually) before the serious counters hit the table. Still, went 0-2***

###For the 5cc match-up, as long as I can delay the wrath-effects, then I can beat face with wild abandon. Thus, the Cauldron Haze Buy in the SB. Went 1-2.###

-----BEFORE YOU POST!!!-----

At the bottom of this list, well-announced, is a list of cards that belong in this type of deck, but aren't here. Explanations wil be given as to why they aren't included in this deck. Now, read below please.

-----/BEFORE YOU POST!!-----

Zombies. After all the comments on this deck (thank you all for each - I read and appreciate them all), I thought it was high time to do this. I've put a great deal of thought into this deck, and each card has a very specific purpose. There are a number of cards you've suggested that would fit -very- well in here, but for some reason or another, aren't. So, here's the list of cards and the reason they're here:

-----MAIN DECK-----

Death Baron Buy - Since this is a zombie tribal deck, he pumps all (main deck) creatures, AND gives them the nifty little ability, deathtouch (quintessential against Naya-type builds).

Festering Goblin Buy - A zombie one-drop. Loves dying, and he's my favorite target for Bone Splinters Buy. Also, chump-blocker from Hell with Death Baron Buy in play.

Lord of the Undead Buy - I'm tempted to just say, "Do I need to explain this at all?" but I'll refrain. Not only does he pump all my creatures (and opponents' zombies, but who plays zombies?), he can recur them. My favorite: When I hit 4 mana with this guy in play, I can "shotgun" every turn using Nameless Inversion Buy, killing all X/<=3 creatures the opponent drops using the same Nameless Inversion Buy! Basically, this is the guy that makes zombie decks work in Standard right now.

Tidehollow Sculler Buy - Great early hand disruption, even if the opponent can get the card back later. The idea is to slow down that player's tempo while building up mine. Slowing their tempo while building mine (I have a 2/2 out now, and you have one less card in hand!) is amazing; sickening early game. I don't have any instant-speed sacrifice outlets anymore, so I can't abuse his abilities to remove that card permanently. Oh well.

Bone Splinters Buy - I run this instead of Terror Buy/Soul Reap Buy because: 1: it's cheaper to cast, 2: I can usually 2-for-1 by sacrificing my Festering Goblin Buy, and 3: I don't want to have to sideboard one of my utility cards because the deck I'm facing has B or G creatures.

Nameless Inversion Buy - What more can I say about this? A great kill card, tribal hoser, and zombie (:D). At 4 mana, I can "shotgun" an X/3 creature with Lord of the Undead Buy in play each turn. Essentially, a board lockdown ensues until bigger things come, which I'll be prepared for.

Liliana Vess Buy - I'm doing a lot of killing, but if I still can't gain a board advantage, or if I think my opponent has too many cards in hand, then she's golden.

Infest Buy - For keeping the board clear as a Wrath-effect, but toughness-based (so that maybe my guys can live through, given enough lord support). 3, because 4 MD'd is just too much.

Esper Charm Buy - The reason for the blue splash. Draw 2, force a discard for 2, or hate a Bitterblossom Buy. Sign me up, please!

Path to Exile Buy - Unless your opponent is mana/color-screwed, then this is simply beyond golden. You wouldn't believe how many demigods, chameleon colossi, etc. have been turned into lands with this. It's power is nigh unbelievable, and I would have to hurt myself if I didn't want to run them. 2 for now because of price/lack of money/availability.


Burrenton Forge-Tender Buy - For burn/sligh/RDW and 5cc (or any decks that run Pyroclasm Buy and/or Firespout Buy)

Deathmark Buy - Extra power against Kithkin. Also takes care of the non-token Broodmate Dragon Buy.

Infest Buy - For those occasions when you need to hit a WoG effect, fast (kith, WW, etc.)

Oblivion Ring Buy - When I need more non-creature removal (Bitterblossom Buy, Militia's Pride Buy, planeswalkers, etc.), this shines.

Graveborn Muse Buy - Against non-aggro decks, this guy lets me draw into the power I need to power through Control's defenses (normally). Against aggro, he hurts me too much to be useful enough. As long as I last long enough, my normal draws are enough to make the aggro deck run out of steam.


Nantuko Husk Buy - This used to be in here, but I dropped when I reaized that I don't run enough creatures to make him really useful, and most if not all of them I don't want to sacrifice anyway, even with Lord of the Undead Buy in play.

Wrath of God Buy - This is a creature-based deck. If I need to play this, then odds are I'll be hurt a great deal and I'm losing anyway. Besides, Infest Buy does its job almost as well, is in my stronger colors, and cheaper to cast (not to mention cheaper to buy).

Grave Pact Buy - Awesome card, but I don't have enough "sacrifice a creature" triggers. Like I said, I prefer keeping my guys alive, and if I'm doing this, then the pact is a dead card, wherever it is.

Stillmoon Cavalier Buy - Amazing card, fits in here perfectly. Only problem is: I have no job, no prospects, car payments, and school payments. Simply put: I can't afford him. Maybe I'll add him as time goes on, but for now, he's out.

* All prices listed on this page are in United States Dollars. The amounts listed are only suggested amounts. Essential Magic does not guarantee that these prices can be attained when purchasing or selling cards. The prices listed on this page should not be considered an offer by Essential Magic to purchase or sell cards. Click here for more information.
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