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A New Idea, A New Potential

by Arcanic_One

     Welcome readers, today I will be talking about something Wizards of the Coast mentioned rather recently (As of 5/31/11) a new format concept was introduced to Magic Online known as Modern. The basic concept behind the proposed format is that every set from Eighth Edition onward is legal in a non-rotating format where the card pool is merely added on to as each block is released, much like legacy. Here is the actual article if you want more details:

     I believe that Modern is a fantastic idea for two reasons. I’ll just list those now and why they are good reasons:

1.    It wouldn’t rotate
     This is the main appeal of both Legacy and Vintage. Cards still maintain value, even if they rotate out of standard. If the current ban list for the format were to stand, creativity is still large and allows a huge amount of deck variation. Plenty of powerhouse cards are still allowed, such as Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Aether Vial;  so one could get the deck creativity of Legacy and Vintage, while still being able to relish in a more modern set, which leads to my next point.

2.    It would be a cheaper eternal format

     Let’s face it: Legacy and Vintage is expensive. And with more and more players interested and less and less of the top cards (i.e. Force of Will) being available, prices aren’t getting any lower. Introducing a format like Modern to the scene of tournament play would be very popular among players that want to play an eternal format, but don’t have the pockets to do so.

     Now, I know that Modern is just an experimental format that could appear on Magic Online sometime in the near future, but I think Modern should be taken further. I purpose that Modern become a format not just online, but a physical paper format with actual sanctioned tournaments. I think it would be a fair assumption that it would appeal to many players, both new and old would like such a format to exist to ease the demands of Vintage and Legacy and also to allow a more easily accessible eternal format.

     One major question that would be raised if such a format would be introduced into the Magic community: What would the fate of Extended would be?

     Extended has been recently fallen out of favor with both players and tournament organizers. Many players are not happy with Extended (or as some call it “Double Standard”) and tournament organizers don’t want to hold Extended events because attendance is rather shabby whenever they host one. Would Modern replace Extended if it was introduced as an official, physical paper format?

     Regardless, I would be fascinated to know the opinions of fellow magic players. Feel free to voice your opinions (be they positive or negative) in the forums. Remember, constructive feedback is always welcome.

   Thanks again,                                                      


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