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The Art of Casual: MonoWhite Suicide

by Scott

    MonoWhite Mana Base With Black Cards! Much better title, no?\

    This is just a quick and dirty article outlining the casual aspect of New Phyrexia; and for this article I will be designing a monowhite agro deck  that is low cost but efficient enough to win in budget casual circles.

    Now, one of the first cards I noticed for “fun” in New Phyrexia was the Inquisitor Exarch a 2/2 Cleric for {W}{W} with an ETB ability. What this ability sad was two things:

1.    Gain two measly life.
2.    Inquisitor Exarch haste, unblockable and vigilance the turn it comes into play and always deals this two damage.

Lets recap that – 2/2 for {W}{W} is good; 2/2 for {W}{W} that does something relevant when it enters the battlefield? Even better – thus began the project.
Some guidelines for this deck:

1.    Monocolor mana base.
2.    Budget oriented.
3.    Efficient creatures.
4.    Robust removal tools.
5.    Fun.

    When designing a deck for casual, budget oriented meta it’s always good to assume that someone in your group has more money or time to get cards then you do. So plan ahead with your removal.

    For this deck; and my local meta I chose to do an aggressive knight-based deck with a robust core of protection and removal.

Again; this is a budget conscious build.

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