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The power of Necromancy:

by noturno2060

More than one way to interact directly with the cemetery, revive monsters can be an interesting way to put creatures directly into play, it would be like instead of paying a high mana cost, you just discard a creature and revive her with a spell or an instant.
A card is well known that this effect is to exhume a spell with low mana cost and so nice for this purpose.

Reviver creatures seems to be restricted to an effect which in turn mediums do not possess a class of its own: they are human mages or clerics who sacrifice their lives so that other creatures return to life, sometimes temporarily, long enough to do something significant in the game .

Effective and useful cards: (Reanimate, Exhume, Zombify, Victimize, Living Death, Recurring Nightmare, Living End, Hell's Caretaker ...)

The famous dark ritual is efficient but to accelerate the production of base mana from this strategy.

These are just some cards that for me, deserve particular importance:

The mana cost and effect.

 Urza's edition contains essential cards for players who seek to use this effect, a subject much discussed at the gaming tables where friends gather to play a few games is the price of an effective and fast without much thought.

Another thing I like to write here is the importance of thinking of ways to prevent any failure in time to relive those creatures such as:
Boseiju, Who Shelters All guarantees the full protection of their magic,
Vexing Shusher is a little tricky to put such a creature in a deck reanimate UB, because red and green are incompatible with the colors blue and black, one hour funcioneporém it worth all the time to think about a control for the game, until work.

This form of gambling is not prohibited, may be restricted in certain tournament formats, some people even think of cheating or something, but I do not care, because even then it means that you are better or worse, it shows you have the ability to articulate an alternative strategy and competent, I think that's all I can say to you that are interested in this sort of thing like me.

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