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A Few Questions Concerning Players and Their Decks

by Arcanic_One

    This article will be a bit different. It’s not really about cards, new decks or archetypes. It’s not about formats or meta games. It’s about you, the players.

    Now I know you may be wondering why I’d be writing an article about people I’ve never met before. I always love a good story, and Magic’s storyline is the reason I started playing the game, but this question is just something to tickle players’ brains for a little bit. According to the “How To Play” poster that comes with intro decks, it says that you are a planeswalker. What is a planeswalker?

Planeswalker (noun): A being that is able to move throughout Magic: The Gathering’s multiverse, to different worlds and places, and even different times. A being who contains an activated planeswalker spark. A magician of extraordinary capabilities.

     Now that that little question is out of the way, it’s time to move to the larger questions.

Question 1: Why do you fight?

     If every player is a planeswalker, and their deck represents the spells they’ve learned and the mana bonds they’ve created, why are some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse fighting one another? I say this purely from a flavor aspect of the game, as the real reason you play Magic is most likely to have a good time. Magic’s creative team has given examples of why planeswalker’s would fight, such as Jace Beleren throwing down with Tezzeret, but what’s your story? Is it one of a quest for vengeance, like the case of Ajani Goldmane? Or a hunt for knowledge like Jace Beleren’s? What’s your reason for fighting? Creating these little back stories for yourself can be more exciting than you think. Give it a try every once and a while; I think you’ll enjoy it. On to the next question…

Question 2: How did you get the spells?

     If every deck represents your arsenal of spells you can comfortably wield as a planeswalker, how did you go about collecting them? In real life the answer is probably something along the lines of trading, drafting or buying. But for your fictional planswalking self, you would have had to travel to multiple places, multiple planes even to gather the various assortment of creatures and sorceries and mana bonds you need to be able to defend yourself. Each spell learned could be a story all of its own. Each creature with a story behind it. Each planeswalking ally the beginning of a long friendship or tenuous agreement. Just something for you to think about next time you add or remove cards from a deck. Now, for the next question and one that’s particularly important to me…

Question 3:  What did you all think of the article?

     Gotcha! Tell me what you think in the forums and remember that constructive criticism and is feedback is always welcome.

Until next time,


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