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The Art of EDH: A sadist's tinkering.

by Scott

    EDH; or "Commander" is one of the most popular and fastest growing MTG formats in recent years. And with the release of several preconstructed "Commander" decks and EDH-specific card products by WoTC the format is set to grow and grow and grow.

    But enough of that; you're not here because you didn't know what EDH was; you're here to learn what makes a good EDH deck tick, and more importantly, how to build one. And building - or constructing - a good EDH deck takes two things: Time and a willingness to be an evil little sadist. Well, that’s just my opinion of course. But most people will agree that crafting a good deck - EDH or otherwise - takes time and patience, and a little bit of skill and luck.

    So, let me begin by introducing myself:
    My name is Joz; I am a casual player to the soul (if I had one,) and a sadist (both in the physical sense that a sadist is, and mentally as well.) You could call me a vampire. But I typed this article outside in the sun.

    EDH is my favorite format and lets me express my sadistic creativity in a way that regular 60-card constructed formats never could.

    But you don't really care about me; or what I like anyway, so go to the next page, chump.

Also, the following pages are corny and should be taken with several grains of Sarcasm brand Salt (tm)

Or, just skip to page 8 to skip all the amazingly bad stuff you're about to read.

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