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The Art of Attrition: Card Advantage and Card Devaluation

by Æther Tech

The Art of Attrition: Card Advantage and Card Devaluation

Page 1: Terms of Magic

Playing Magic is all about having access to cards that you need in order to stop your opponent from doing things to your face.  Your opponent wastes a bunch of cards in their hand to get a few creatures in play – so you spend four mana and one card to reset the battlefield. This is called generating positive card advantage.

Likewise, your opponent is now experiencing something called devaluation. That is to say, all the valuable resources: Mana, cards, turns, draws, etc… that he/she poured into putting a few creatures onto the battlefield has all been for naught by a single card you played, one draw, one turn and a few mana. You generated card advantage and your opponent suffered from card devaluation.

Now, the term devaluation, also known as “negative card advantage” is as simple as a term as it is to describe. Any act that you take to ensure that your opponent is unable to generate card advantage is helping to devalue that player’s cards. At the same time, you added card advantage to your own side of the battle. But what does this really mean for you? Lets check it out:

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