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Magic The Gathering -The Format Changeling

by Cody L Locy

Today I want to quickly go over some of the different formats that have occurred over time. Many of these formats have been guardians of large scale play seen in many shops while others have stayed in the midst of small gatherings for causal play. While it is great that support goes out for many of these formats I understand that novice and some moderate players may not know that there are other ways in which to play MTG to fit a style that better suits themselves and their group. Most, if not all, players understand the concept of Tournament Level Formats:
Vintage - Eternal Format consisting of a restricted and banned list

Legacy - Eternal Format consisting of only a banned list

Modern - The new Eternal starting at 8th Edition forward

Extended (for the older players) - No longer recognized by WOTC as a sanctioned tournament event since Oct 7, 2013.

Standard - The last complete block and newest core set

Draft - Considered the most even of the formats in player power level due to its enforcement of on the spot deck design skills and random card selection. There is no net decking or tiers in this format, however, you can study the set thats being drafted for the more powerful selection of colors. There are other variations of Draft however I myself have only played the original version with no variation of rules.

Sealed Deck - I personally have little experience in this format of tournament. In this format each player constructs a deck from six booster packs.

Each of these formats have brought a sense of flavor and persona to the die hard players. You may notice that you will find players who have preference in the format in which they play while not ever playing the others. Others might enjoy playing in all formats but end the end always have reserve for a favorite.

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