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The Art of Legacy Burn

by Cody L Locy

Structure of Red Burn Deck is usually very streamlined with only a few variances. First let us look at a Red Burn Deck structure by CJ Ramirez who took a top 8 position of 54 players at Manila Legacy – Legacy Wars 6 on 03/02/13 (Reference page:
19 LANDS       
4 Arid Mesa       
4 Scalding Tarn       
2 Wooded Foothills       
9 Mountain (1)

12 CREATURES       
4 Goblin Guide       
4 Vexing Devil       
4 Grim Lavamancer       

4 Lava Spike       
4 Price of Progress       
4 Fireblast       
4 Rift Bolt       
4 Chain Lightning       
4 Lightning Bolt       
2 Skullcrack       

3 Sulfuric Vortex    

With this structure we see a very small build converted mana cost deck:

0 - 4 Potential spells (Fireblast for soft caste)
1 - 28 Potential spells (Rift Bolt if soft casted)
2 - 6 Potential spells
3 - 7 Potential spells (Rift Bolt if hard casted for original cost)

We also see that there are only 19 lands in the deck. Of the 19 land there is 10 fetch land which help serve as ammunition for Grim Lavamancer. Depending on the build of a Red Burn you will find that players will range their build between 17-21 lands depending on the decks mana curve. With this deck’s low mana curve the opponent should be at 10 or less life at the end of turn 3. With the rate of spell casting versus card draw we have both Grim Lavamancer and Sulfuric Vortex for cumulative damage effect when your hand is empty or when you received a dead draw (drawing a land instead of a spell in mid game). The only card selection in this current build that does not match the primary point of Rule 1 is Skullcrach, however it does qualify due to the it doing more damage than cost with an additional ability.

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