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Information GOLDEN TIPS FOR NEWBIES (new people look here before posting a deck help thread) 4/22/2003 1:15:00 AM

Golden Rules for newbies

1.)Don't say "you rate, I rate"(or any combonations there of)

1a.) learn to take critisim. if your going to say "if your going to leave bad rating don't rate" don't post your deck

1b.)We are not as fast as lighning we can't answer all your questions in 2 minutes so be patient the job will get done

1c.) STOP POSTING A MILLION THREADS ON YOUR DECKS one, No one is going to take you seriously.secondly, people that accually need there decks rated get kicked off the page by multiple threads of one or two people that can seem to look at rule above.

2.) E-tag the cards you post and/or the deck you wish everyone to look at it makes everyone a lot happier and makes the rating job much easier
if you do not know click here
E-Tags page

3.) please say if this deck is to be entered into a tournament
if so, please say what type of tournament so that the raters know what cards can be used classic,standard, extended



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