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Enjoy MTG Mint Card New Year Specials 12/28/2012 6:50:00 AM

Hello again Magic the Gathering Players. We hope you've had a wonderful Holiday with Friends, Family, and Feasting. We also hope you had an opportunity to get in some gaming! Anyways - onto the news we want to share with you - (insert drum-roll) it's the MTG Mint Card New Year Sale!

Hopefully you were lucky this Christmas and was the recipient of some very cool stuff from our very store. If this was the case, you and your friends / family likely got your n3rd on and had the awesomest holiday ever. If not, don't fret - remember that little bit of cash you (hopefully) got from dear old Great-Aunt what-ever-her-name-is? - well this is where you can capitalize. MTG Mint Card just got another truckload of Return to Ravnica, Magic 2013, Avacyn Restored, Dark Ascension, and Innistrad cards - and through the power of bulk buying, can pass the savings onto you. We have up to 50% discounts of selected Magic: the Gathering singles. But back the truck up - we also have great discounts on a large variety of card lots (bulk, common and uncommon) with a dice set giveaway. Don't wait too long to take advantage of these amazing deals though - as the saying goes, 'all good things come to an end', and this promotion ends on January 21st. Let's get a spotlight on a few of the slick English and Chinese language MTG cards you might find wandering the virtual aisles our online store.

First up -Selesnya Charm. This Return to Ravnica Uncommon is the backbone and swiss knife of today's green / white aggro decks. This instant spell will set your game table army up for an alpha-strike with trample for the win. Alternatively, you could choose to spot-remove an opponents fatty of power 5 or great and if you are really in a bind, drop a chump blocker.

Next is Unburial Rites, an Uncommon Sorcery from Innistrad. This spell is seeing a lot of play in standard constructed right now as it is one of the few cards which will allow you 'cheat' a high mana-cost fatty directly onto the battlefield. Start self milling with the likes of Mulch (Innistrad Common), and then pay a cheap flashback cost of 3 colorless and a white mana to drop you monster into play.

Lastly, let's yatter about Avacyn's Pilgrim, an Innistrad Common. This is one of the few mana-dorks currently in standard constructed format and is essential for Green / White decks to ramp into a threat. At the very least, this guy is a chump blocker, but if you are able to set up your early game, you could have Thragtusk come down a turn early and perhaps his best friend Restoration Angel next.


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