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Myr Tribe Deck 12/29/2012 9:18:52 AM

Hello, I just got back into Magic again, and dug out my old incomplete Myr deck. Now I am toying with the idea of improving the Deck and constructing a Myr Tribedeck. Yet I am facing a few troubles mainly resulting from too many possible cards to put into the deck. Thus I wanted to post the deck as I would design it with some cards, which don't fit in the 60-Cards Deck anymore and ask you if you can tell me which cards you would leave out of the deck and if there are even more possible cards, which could fit.

Myr Deck:

4 Ancient Den Buy
4 Great Furnace Buy
4 Tree of Tales Buy
4 Seat of the Synod Buy
4 Vault of Whispers Buy

Mana Myr:
2 Copper Myr Buy
2 Gold Myr Buy
2 Iron Myr Buy
2 Leaden Myr Buy
2 Palladium Myr Buy
2 Plague Myr Buy
2 Silver Myr Buy

4 Myr Moonvessel Buy
4 Myr Servitor Buy
4 Myr Galvanizer Buy
4 Myr Superion Buy
2 Myr Battlesphere Buy

2 Myr Incubator Buy
4 Myr Matrix Buy
2 Myr Reservoir Buy

Cards I would like to put in my deck (but I can't quite figure out which ones I should replace):

Adaptive Automaton Buy (for the Tribe aspect)
Lodestone Myr Buy (the Galvanizer, Lodestone Myr, Unwinding Clock Combo would be absolutely amazing --> yet I don't know whether Lodestone Myr or Myr Battlesphere would be better)
Myr Turbine Buy (would make the aforementioned Combo possible)
Myr Enforcer Buy ( a solid card to compensate the lack of strong creatures)
Cloud Key Buy (is reducing the mana costs in this deck even necessary?)
Semblance Anvil Buy (same question)
Genesis Chamber Buy (would go very well with Lodestone Myr or Battlesphere + overwhelming the opponent)
Unwinding Clock Buy (untapping all Mana Myr and Lodestone-/Battlesphere Sources would be awesome!)

So, I would really appreciate if you could tell me how I can enhance this deck, which cards of the above-mentioned you would put in, respectively which cards you would remove and last but not least if you have any further suggestions (but those should be affordable, thus not something like Mycosynth Golem or Coat of Arms ...)

With best regards and looking forward for the answers,


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