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Quote: if your interested in any kind of testing or backboarding feel free to hit me up on facebook always interestedin new ideas or helpin with the old ones


Question NEED STANDARD IDEAS FOR (w) (u) (b) 5/17/2013 2:48:23 PM

I'm trying to playtest with a friend for a standard format blue white black control theres just so much possible in the format we cant seem to get something together that really has a good synergy on a singular or even couple ideas leaves things to open and im trying to compete with and avoid Snapcaster Mage Buy and Restoration Angel Buy
right now im looking at hand manipulation with the black have compe to a couple ideas run with rodents to pump and force discard or the death touch of typhoid as a small intimidator also using sin collector thinkin real hard about Notion Thief Buy and High Priest of Penance Buy
Peace {U}{B}{G}{W}{R}{X}


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