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Joined: 2/4/2014

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Information First "Real" Deck... Review? 2/4/2014 4:02:23 AM

I'm not a new magic player in years (started 2005) but I still don't know much about what I'm doing when it comes to building a deck.

I have built my, mostly functional, Spirit and Arcane deck and it wins more often than naught against most of my friends' decks....

but I know it could be better.

Any advice?

It's on my profile... kmason31


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Joined: 5/22/2014

Quote: Can I has cheezburger ?


first fix 5/27/2014 9:05:53 PM

First of all, reduce the number of cards to 60 , with 24 lands in it.
...if you want to keep the deck at 91 cards, it must have at least 38 lands in it.
(especially with all the 'fat' creatures you have )


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Joined: 1/21/2004

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RE: First "Real" Deck... Review? 5/27/2014 10:57:20 PM

Here are my cuts:

If you'd like I could give you a in depth reason to why I removed each card I did. But for now here are my two cents.

The deck has potential. In my opinion it is right on the cusp of being better. Perhaps running four of the lower casting cost spirit creatures such as Traproot Kami Buy and Lantern Kami Buy would be a good start. Those first, second, and third drops can make or break ya. Anyone can cast big fatties mid to late game, but without that early protection it won't matter. Finding the correct balance is always tricky. With just a little work and a little money it could be a fun little casual deck.


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