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First EDH deck 6/11/2014 1:22:42 PM

Hello everyone

I have made the switch over from Standard and Modern to EDH because of time restraints keeping up with the meta.

I could really use any advice possible on my Horde of Notions EDH deck. I chose Horde of Notions Buy because i loved it in Lorwyn and i have loved 5 colour decks everytime they have been viable.

Anyway please check out my deck and tell me what you think
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RE: First EDH deck 6/16/2014 4:57:31 PM

A few concerns here.

one... too few mana rocks. Usually, it's suggested that you run anywhere between 7 and 10 (at a minimum) in order to ensure the likelihood of appropriate colors

two... too few ramp spells. Same premise with mana rocks. Too few, and you run into color distribution problems.

three... lack of cohesive theme. I like that you're trying to think of multiple ways to win, however they are potentially conflicting. For example, your Sun Titan lock-out plan assumes that Horde isn't on the field, and if it is when you nuke the board, your general is getting killed in the process. Consider focusing in on a particular strategy and working within those confines if possible.

four... alt win con via Planeswalker Ult.'s are situational. Without some sort of proliferate mechanic or someway to double counters when they ETB, they're running the risk of getting nuked off the board when they hit. Recommend either abandoning this or gearing your deck to accommodate this strategy.

five... too few tutors. In a five color deck, having access to the right card at the right time is crucial. I see four tutors, one of which is a generic tutor. IMHO, you'd do better with generic tutors from black, and a way to cast them at flash speed (leyline of anticipation, vedalken orrery, or alchemist's refuge).

These are the primary things that I have concerns with in this deck. The control aspect of your deck looks ok, however, from my experience, it's better to focus on board-wipes than spot removal given the nature of the game, which is typically 3 to 4 man pods.

You might wish to change your general to Child of Alara and find ways to "kick the baby" if that's the route you're going. Or, alternatively, you could build around Horde either in a voltron style with equipment/enchantments, or make it Elemental tribal. There are enough Elemental creatures to go tribal and there are tribal instants and sorceries that help to this end. Consider these suggestions.

I have a number of EDH/Commander decks, consider taking a gander at a few of them in order to see how I put my decks together.



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