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Joined: 8/27/2014

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1/1 counter deck help please 8/27/2014 11:11:28 PM

hi Happy this is my Green Black Blue 1/1 counter deck. please tell me anything that would make the deck better. thank you Happy
link to my deck is below.


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Joined: 6/24/2011

Quote: Throw enough goblins at any problem and it should go away. At the very least, there'll be fewer goblins.


RE: 1/1 counter deck help please 8/29/2014 1:16:50 AM

As a whole, I like the idea of the deck, though honestly I'm not the best deck builder my self. One thing I can say is that there are a few cards better than Murder Buy, including Unmake Buy and Go for the Throat Buy, I think they might treat you a little better. Obviously that is a very small if not trivial change, but every mana counts! Plus Unmake Buydeals with those pesky indestructible creatures. If need be you can sideboard Murder Buy for when you play the occasional artifact deck, but even in that case I think Doom Blade Buy is a better option. Well that was probably more information than you needed on only two cards in your deck, but eh, it helps.


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Joined: 8/27/2014

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Random Comment 8/29/2014 3:07:32 PM

thanks for the help! i have thought about switching in doom blades, but what if I'm playing against black? i wanted murder because it can destroy any color, for a extra black mana. unmake is also good, i had forgot about those. but since I don't play white in this deck, it would cost 3 black to play which could be annoying. i do have 1 unmake so maybe i could switch out a murder for it.


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