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Been a while - Soldier Remake 8/30/2014 4:30:46 AM

So I have been out of MTG for a few years now. I finally got some time to sit back and enjoy a old passion.

That said, I am looking to start remaking some of my old deck(s). In this case, I am looking for thoughts on:

Soldier Remake Take 1

The decks soul purpose is general soldier aggro. I would like to stay with that - but I am open to any suggestion.

I have no issue putting some socery/instant spells in - but if I do, I would need to remove Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Buy which I have been debating for a while now. And replacing her with Elspeth Tirel Buy. Or Blaze of Glory Buy for a combo with Loyal Sentry Buy

My play tests so far - have shown that the deck has consistency, and with great results.

Note: My sideboard for the deck is there only for the purpose of reminders that those soldiers exist, and are possibilities.

Cards I am considering
Launch the Fleet Buy
Raise the Alarm Buy


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