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Persist 10/9/2016 10:43:57 AM

If you give Triskelion Buy Persist will it always come back since the -1/-1 counter is removed by a +1/+1 counter?

Thanks Mally for answering all my questions its great to have someone to help.


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Joined: 5/21/2004

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RE: Persist 10/11/2016 2:41:05 AM

Quoting Pshel:If you give Triskelion Buy Persist will it always come back since the -1/-1 counter is removed by a +1/+1 counter?

It will only come back once unless you can give it persist each time it comes back.

When an object changes zones, the game "loses track" of it, and it becomes a new object with no memory of its previous existence (except for effects that follow it specifically). That is, when Triskelion Buy returns to the battlefield via persist, it will be a new Triskelion Buy without persist, even though it looks like (and is represented by the same physical card as) the old one.
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