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Joined: 7/19/2006

Quote: let the hurt fest begin


commander 2017? 10/2/2017 7:05:48 PM

when are you guys going to update the card database?


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Joined: 10/3/2005

Quote: Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night. Light a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.


RE: commander 2017? 10/24/2017 2:28:47 AM

Ixalan shore would be nice toooo


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Joined: 7/19/2006

Quote: let the hurt fest begin


RE: RE: commander 2017? 10/30/2017 5:13:16 PM

we get ixalan but still no commander 2017


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Joined: 8/28/2006

Quote: [none]


Cool Random Comment 11/9/2017 8:41:04 PM

Holy crud we got Ixlian !!!
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Joined: 7/9/2003

Quote: War doesn't determine whose right, only whose left.


Random Comment 11/15/2017 12:04:38 AM

We got Ixalan!? Holy mother it's the holy father! Thank the essential magic gods! I thought they stopped updating the site and as old looking as it may be, NO other site has the deck building functionality of this one or the special stuff like combo posting sections etc. EssentialMagic Forevarr!


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Joined: 6/1/2002

Quote: "The best ideas often come from the worst minds."


Sad RE: RE: RE: commander 2017? 11/27/2017 2:29:54 PM

At this rate we’ll see UNSTABLE before we get Commander 2017 in the database.


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