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Question Over my dead bodies + 2X Korlash 1/25/2018 5:21:35 PM

How would Over My Dead Bodies work with Multiple Korlash, Heir to Blackblade Buy with regards to...

1) Surviving Undeathtouch using regeneration?
2) Legends rule with 2 or more Korlashes in the Graveyard?
3) Legends rule with 1 or more in the Graveyard and 1 on the battlefield?

Here’s the ruling of said enchantment for reference:

Card Name: Over My Dead Bodies
Mana Cost: 4BB
Converted Mana Cost: 6
Types: Enchantment
Card Text:
Creature cards in graveyards can attack and block as though they were on the battlefield, can block or be blocked only by creature cards in graveyards, are Zombies in addition to their other types, and have undeathtouch. (If they would deal damage to a creature card, exile that creature card instead.)
Creature cards in your graveyard have haste.

19/1/2018 During combat, creature cards in graveyards can attack and block just as if they were on the battlefield. Attacking creature cards in the graveyard can be blocked only by creature cards in the defending player’s graveyard.
19/1/2018 Creature cards in graveyards can attack planeswalkers on the battlefield.
19/1/2018 Other combat-relevant abilities such as flying work on attacking or blocking creature cards in graveyards. An attacking creature card with flying in a graveyard could be blocked only by creature cards with flying or reach in graveyards.
19/1/2018 Over My Dead Bodies allows you to attack or block with creature cards in your graveyard. If you do, for the duration of combat, the attacking and blocking creature cards are treated as if they are creature cards on the battlefield which means they can be affected by spells or abilities that would affect creatures on the battlefield. That means, for example, if you have a Lord of Accursed on the battlefield (“Other Zombies you control get +1/+1”), all your attacking and blocking graveyard creatures (which Over My Dead Bodies makes into Zombies) would get +1/+1 while in combat.
19/1/2018 As you choose attackers or blockers, check whether state-based actions would immediately remove any of them from the battlefield. If so, those creatures can’t attack or block, as appropriate.
19/1/2018 Creature cards in graveyards attacking or blocking will cause abilities that trigger whenever a creature attacks or blocks to trigger.
19/1/2018 You can target attacking or blocking creature cards in graveyards with spells like Giant Growth.
19/1/2018 If an attacking or blocking creature card is destroyed by a source without undeathtouch, such as Murder, it stays in the graveyard but is removed from combat.
19/1/2018 If Over My Dead Bodies leaves the battlefield in the middle of combat, graveyard creatures go back to being just dead. They’re removed from combat.


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RE: Over my dead bodies + 2X Korlash 1/26/2018 12:45:15 AM

1) Regeneration will not be helpful in this situation. Regeneration is a destruction replacement effect, and Korlash is being exiled, so it won't step in to do its thing.

2) As per the fifth ruling in the list, you'll only be able to attack with one of them. Attacking with both would invoke the "legend rule" state-based action, disallowing you from declaring them both as attackers. (Since one would have to be removed from the battlefield.)

3) This is similar to the previous situation, but a bit less certain. (As fun as Un-cards can be, they don't always lead to clean-cut rulings. The current version of the "legend rule" doesn't help, either.) While attacking with the Korlash from your graveyard would cause a need for state-based actions to clean things up, it won't necessarily be that Korlash that ends up in the graveyard (if it wasn't already there). Also noteworthy is that it isn't ever really on the battlefield, so it won't actually require any state-based actions. So the answer here is... who knows? Your options are either to make a decision with your playgroup or ask Mark Rosewater to make a call.
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Joined: 6/1/2002

Quote: "The best ideas often come from the worst minds."


RE: RE: Over my dead bodies + 2X Korlash 2/5/2018 6:33:48 AM

Great explanation. I guess the neatest way to interpret would be only 1 may attack and regeneration doesn’t work with Undeath touch, which is fine as I’m using him in an all UN deck for a 60 card Commander. Wouldn’t want any real-world power-level brokenness to seep into the silver-bordered universe. I’ve already used Spike for another deck. Alternate card frame Korlash was the next best thing to a second silverbordered monoblack legend which we don’t have.

Thanks a lot!


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