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CSV format 6/15/2019 8:20:27 PM

Since not all my Magic cards can be entered in Essential Magic (mostly Duel Deck cards and special products like Explorers of Ixalan) I keep a separate Excel sheet of all my cards. The first tab has the CSV output transformed to columns using default Excel functionality, the second uses the same layout and contains my other cards and I have third tab with statistics.

The problem arises each time I update Essential Magic and download a new CSV. I can't just transform it to columns and copying it because it breaks on cards that have a comma (,) in their name. It sees that as a delimiter. I have to do some sorting or selecting to get those lines, than manually for each line had a comma to the end of the name in the first cell, then copy the contents of the second cell after it to get the correct card name. Once all is done I can copy all other columns one to the left. Sadly I haven't found a clever way of automating the renaming. I tried copying the lines to Notepad++, use a quick replace to add ", " instead of the space separating the text and then copy it back to Excel. Sadly, even though I tell Excel to paste in the A column, it still pastes the text back into two columns.

You can imagine this is quite a hassle. All could be solved if the CSV export option gave us the option to use a different delimiter, for instance the semicolon (;). Can this be added to Essential Magic? It would really help me with my collection updates.

Even better would be if I could enter all my cards ;)

EDIT: I just found out that upon pasting I get an option to use a Text Import Wizard that allows me to paste the text correctly, meaning the task becomes less menial. Still I'd like to see a different delimiter option.


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