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Win lose ratio of this deck depends highly on what opponent plays. If opponent play some deck that has no counter power, hand distrubtion, land distrubtion or any other reasonable game distraction, then the win rate is amasingly close to 100%. The down side is that basicly nobody plays such deck. Even combo decks usually has something to stop opponent for a while before combo goes off.

On the other hand, if opponent plays any distraction, it usually takes from him about one to three games to learn how to kill this deck, which means that if he uses mulligan, the win rate is quite close to 0%.

I recommend you to try play proxy of this deck. Not because it is amazing (which I think it is), but because playing it teaches you quite a lot about the MtG, both about constructing decks and about how to play them and especially how to play against them. Also, if you understand this deck, you propably also learn to evaluate creatures from a bit different perspective.

I have now already sold all my cards and I can say that this deck was clearly in the top five list of most fun decks to play I ever made.
Posted By ithelog
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