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firstly, sorry about taking so long. ive been so freaking busy lately...but you don't want to here it ;)

as for the deck, the 'cores should go. they are more of a sideboard card in a deck like this. i realise that the elders will fill your hand, but it won't be enough to continue the stompy aspect of your deck without the addition of howling mine, which would waste 4-8 deck spaces, and it's just not worth it. i would store it in the sideboard for weenie decks.

also, why not go blastogeddon/threshold geddon in one? all you have to do is slip in 4 mystic enforcers and you have a beatdown machine. wall of glare has little synergy in this deck, and looks like mainly early utility. it is much better with mother of runes, but for now id drop it and go with enforcers.

depending on your metagame, i would go with ground selas, since benzo is huge right now. but it may not be a problem for you, but it doesn;t really rely on lands too heavily if it gets what it needs fast, so it's just something to consider.

other than that, it looks cool.

playability: fairly strong archtype, but it needs adjustments , right now id say its average, but with a few minor changes it would be much better.
synergy: most cards work well together, only a few were out of place. the geddon/derm has to count for something. 4 stars.
originality: there aren't too many of these going around, and yours has some different card choices. 4 stars.
overall: i would say its an average deck at the moment. it could become extremely powerful though, and it is almost there.

nice job, and happy hunting.
Posted By shark
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