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your creatures dont look like their going to do too much for you, not win the game anyhow. i'd rethink your creature base.
play with 3 Kokusho, the Evening Star Buy and a miren the moaning well
for an early blocker, which is what it looks like what your looking for, try using Genju of the Fields Buy
should probably run 4 Phyrexian Arena Buy for some card drawing.
maybe move your angel of despair count down to 1 and then run 4 Diabolic Tutor Buy and some more silver bullets. such as Nightmare Void Buy to work with your castigate.

Faith's Fetters Buy is awesome as well.
(its better than destroying opponents jitte amoung other things....)

just fix up your creature base though and i think you'lll be fine, and i you'll probably find the toolbox of the tutor pretty useful

plz take a look at my kudzi control deck
Posted By Throst54
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