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the dread returns I would consider a NEED in the deck. I've played ichorid in tournaments. I'm personally not a big fan of Serum Powder. Plus would you remove one bridge from your deck for one more chance at a bazaar? I don't know if its my luck or what but I've only had one incidence where I had to mulligan past 4 to get Bazaar. Street Wraith is a godly card in this deck. It allows you to dredge on turn one. if you are looking for cards to drop I'd say 1 golgari thug...11 is enough believe me. And one unmask. IF the deck is going right the only cards you should draw are the ones in your starting hand and the very first turn. So unmask should only be used if its in that set of cards. and you got the cabal therapys which help a lot also. I like to play basic swamps instead of the serum powder bc I like the ability to hard cast a therapy in hand if I got one. You should always be dredging Angel of Despair is also a pretty good card to dread return if you have threats that you need to wipe out. Examples that I've used her for would be pithing needle that named bazaar.
Posted By ktmaske
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