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I'd drop Goblin Vandal for Gorilla Shaman (2) Buy maindecked or Shattering Spree Buy. Note that Shattering spree can bypass Chalice of the Void Buy and most counters if you use the replicate ability.

Disk is powerful but out of context with the deck. If you want to play sligh, stick with sligh and don't try to add in control elements that aren't useful. If you are trying a Red Mountain Wins deck, you'll be better off with stuff like Cursed Scroll Buy, Magus of the Scroll Buy, and Magus of the Moon Buy. Cursed Scroll might be really useful when you are out of burns.

Shock is perhaps one of the worst burn ever made. Surely you can think of a better burn? Lava Spike Buy, Chain Lightning Buy, Magma Spray Buy, Seal of Fire Buy are all better.

Up fireblast count to 3. I would also drop Jaya. She really sucks.

I would use Chrome Mox Buy if you want speed.

Pyrokinesis Buy is very good for early game and against tokens. Also good is Pyroclasm Buy or Volcanic Fallout Buy.

I also wouldn't bother with Reckless Abandon. The 1 point extra damage isn't worth the saccing a creature, even if its Ball Lightning. That will require you 4 mana.

Wheel of Fortune Buy is quite nice.

You also don't have enough artifacts to sustain Sharpnel Blast to a reliable degree.

If you splash in black instead of green, I highly suggest Dark Confidant Buy. They are better than even the tutors in this deck. Very, very powerful.

If you stick with green, I'd go with Tarmogoyf Buy.

My overall suggestion:

-3 Sharpnel Blast
-3 Shock
-3 Goblin Vandal
-3 Reckless Abandon
-1 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
-2 Nevinyrral's Disk
-2 Sulfuric Vortex

+3 Mountain
+3 Chain Lightning
+3 Shattering Spree
+3 Cursed Scroll
+1 Fireblast
+3 Pyrokinesis
+1 Wheel of Fortune
Posted By aznepyon7
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