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Theres some work that can be put in this deck my friend have one that beated the crap outa most of my non-control deck for a while, heres some tip :
Shock and incenerate could be replaced by some more efficient 1 mana costed spell, there is ALOT of 3 dmg to any target for 1 Happy.

I suggest u find some magma jet, those are life saver.

Nevyneral disk and isochron are a waste of ur time, put more shrapnel blast even some fork for those yummy land sacrifice high dmg spell.

Holwing mine is ok i guess, but browbeat is as dangerous n beter for ur style.

Ur deck use creature, some i saw use none only burning spell toward openent. Wich make the removal card in openent hand Absolutely useless but its up to u, i like creature too so Happy but keep in mind that if u use creature use 8 or more or else all u will do is give a reason to exist for all those creature removal Happy.

Hope this helped Happy enjoy
Posted By teod17_3
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