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"-4 etherium scuptor (can mana acc with mind stone instead)"
Terrible idea!! In every variation of this deck that I have tryed, Sculptors are good. Keep them! If you want to make room for Mind Stone, I suggest looking elsewhere.

"-1 inkwell leviathan (really only need 1)"
I can handle this suggestion... although I don't even use Inkwell in my STD or EXT version.

"-4 sanctum gargoyle (sharuum is good enuf)"
I also would agree here, however I tryed having 1 or 2 of Sanctum Gargoyle... If Sharuum dies, then what? Good to have a backup guy that can pull from GY. I would say you don't need 4, you can drop it down a lil bit... 2 should work.

"+4 wrath of god (turn 3-4 wrath is really impt to set up turn 4-5 transmutator), i feel scourglass is way way too slow"
I disagree with this only because you have come up with a diff way to use the Scourglass. Its a nice option in my opinion, but to expensive. But if you're using Sharuum to get this off, I don't think thats a bad idea at all. Wrath at turn 4 though is nice...

"+4 esper charm - card draw "
Again, not a bad idea... I used to run these, but what I found every version I ran these, the deck played slower as odd as that may sound. Maybe there are better options for card draw then something that requires 1 each of your 3 manas.

"+4 thousand year elixir"
For sure, great idea... Every version I tested out, Thousand Year Elixir was great! But can be done without... I would say in a more control version you can do without because you can stall and stave off the attacks till you got the appropriate mana down.

Another suggestion for adds...

I run Grim Poppet as one of my focal points in one of my decks. He doesn't have to be a focal point, but sticking atleast 1 of those guys in is nice. Because once you start to get the Transmuter Machine working, if they have lets say 5 or so weenies... Snag a Poppet from your deck, and clear the board. Or lets say they have 2 or 3 big fatties out... Snag a Poppet and shrink them, and re-bounce Poppet again to steam roll over em.

I like using Poppet as a setup guy... clears/shrinks the board, then I go for my stompies.

OH, and I almost forgot... 1 more suggestion that is testing out in both my STD and EXT versions and its GREAT!

Filigree Angel: First few turns, lets say up to about turn 5, you can only hold off so much... You're bound to take some damage, might even be looking down the barrel of the final blow within the next 2 turns or so. First target once you're setup, Filigree Angel, gains you 3 life for each Artifact you control. Drop him in there, gain about 9 life, then go after your other targets, and just for extra added cushion, re-bounce him again to add another 12+...

Been great so far!

Just a suggestion...
Posted By MrRotten
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