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hi in response to the above poster

""-4 etherium scuptor (can mana acc with mind stone instead)"
Terrible idea!! In every variation of this deck that I have tryed, Sculptors are good. Keep them! If you want to make room for Mind Stone, I suggest looking elsewhere."

agree with grim poppet, its in my deck too. elves die to it *evil* lolz

sculptors are frankly quite useless late game. mind stones are card advantage. i have many instances whereby i can sac all my 2-3 mind stones jus for card draws and drawing a mind stone late game is never a disappointment... as compared to a sculptor.....

"Filigree Angel: First few turns, lets say up to about turn 5, you can only hold off so much... You're bound to take some damage, might even be looking down the barrel of the final blow within the next 2 turns or so. First target once you're setup, Filigree Angel, gains you 3 life for each Artifact you control. Drop him in there, gain about 9 life, then go after your other targets, and just for extra added cushion, re-bounce him again to add another 12+...
i think that Magister Sphinx is a better subsitute for the angel as you can make your opponent's life 10 rather than gaining tons of life.

""-4 sanctum gargoyle (sharuum is good enuf)"
I also would agree here, however I tryed having 1 or 2 of Sanctum Gargoyle... If Sharuum dies, then what? Good to have a backup guy that can pull from GY. I would say you don't need 4, you can drop it down a lil bit... 2 should work"

if you play it right, non of your creatures would "die" with transmutator in play. top target creatures for removal would always be transmutator and not sharuum. even if sharuum dies, its not the end of the game, u have 3 summonors in game that will help pull other threats out too.
Posted By tarabas
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