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In MTG Legacy, two changes can make a deck "original" compared to the most popular build.

4 Scion of Oona. I wouldn't run any less.

Vendilion Clique Buy. You should always have at least 2 of them. It is the best faerie/faerie clique in the game hands-down. It's never dead in either Vintage or Legacy.

Brainstorm Buy to protect your stuff from discard. You should add fetchlands to shuffle the cards away. It's the best way to up consistency and card quality in Legacy IMO.

Run Stifle Buy. They're never dead. There is always a Piledriver/Aether Vial/Fetchland/Qasali/Storm combo that needs to be put in its place.

Spell Siphon is so terrible. Daze Buy is 10X better. I would take out Sleep as well to get 4 into the deck.

There's no need to tell you that Force of Will should be in this deck. So if you got em, use em.

You're packing too many 4 casting cost spells. You shouldn't be running more than 6 of them.

Thornwind is next to useless. The lower costing faeries you got, the better.

Beware of Firespout Buy, Engineered Explosives Buy.

Run 4 Aether Vial Buy. These are so good. I can't name a single tribal deck that doesn't benefit from them. Elves, Goblins, Merfolk, Faeries - everything.

I would run a single Umezawa's Jitte Buy. Its vital against Goblins/Merfolk/Elves.

You might want to consider a black splash for removal. It also allows you to run Perish Buy sideboard for them Goyfs.

If you found these comments helpful, please comment on my New Horizons deck. I'm looking for some input/second opinion on how Faeries might do against it from someone who plays faeries.
Posted By aznepyon7
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