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Urza's Rage Buy cannot do for two reasons.

First, there is not enough mana. The deck runs on very tight mana margin which means that maixumim damage it currently can do is 24 points. 2 Ursa's Rage in place of one Torch cost effectively 5 more to play in comparison, which means that I should be able to deal 25 damage with Torch to be able to swap the Rages in. Also, to set up the situation where Lion's Eyes could be cashed would cost one use of Rack more and thus I would need one extra mana AND I would not be able to use Rack to get Recycle in play, which breaks a lot, especially as I would need to rack the Rage out of hand before initial Lion's Eye cashing.

Second reason is the vulnerability. The spare Torch is not in the deck for pure fun. During the game there is 3 situations where I may lose the game if Torch is in wrong place. I could ignore one of these, if I have back up Torch in deck. First situation is tutor + lion + recycle start, in which I have to discard my hand. Second, is after Recycle is in play and my manapool is empty. I drop what I can till I get either Vault or Lion. If I get Lion, I have to fire it immediately or wait for vault. I prefer fireing if I don't have any vitals in hand. The last point comes when deck reaches the end. The chance is that Torch is about last card. If Rack is too, I'm screwed.
Posted By ithelog
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