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Amount of 8 land has nothing to do with luck. It means that in avegare (within even distribution theory) I would draw in opening hand (7*Cool/60=0.93 lands. In practice it means that the likehood for me not to draw a land is still small. Usually one or two mulligans is enough. The deck is designed to work with one land, so there is no problem there. The Mishra's Workshop Buy can not do, because I need mana for Egg activation on early turns from the land. The deck works only if number of eggs and Chromatic Spheres (=24) times 2 plus other one or zero cost artifacts is atleast the deck size. The Mindstone is one trick around this as it can pay back the extra mana it needs.

Early versions of this deck had more land in it. With this many Eggs 14 land is absolutely maximum sensible amount of land in 60 card deck simply because the Eggs let you draw that much cards even without Helm or Recycle. For the same reason the combo needed in this deck usually is drawn early. Let's assume sucky start with no tutors, no extra mana and no combo parts and only one land. So, what you get? There is about nothing else but eggs, so first turn you drop two, second turn you cash two and drop two more. Third turn you cash those 2. Now you have 2 mana available and in total you have drawn 13 cards, which means that in average you should have about all the cards you need, including second land to drop. It is possible to screw the start up by cashing out all green and white mana eggs and ofcause opponent may do something, but appart from that you should be able to get the deck rolling.

About early versions then. I had green mana producing duals and used some Land Grant Buy as free cards. Also, I was packed up with Summer Bloom Buys, so that I could replace lands with Recycle Buy and get more mana, but that strategy didn't work very well. The deck depended too much on green and basicly had to waste one turn by playing one mana producing lands in the start. Also, the deck didn't total enough mana to Torch opponent, so it needed to win in another way. All this caused to run out of space in the deck. For a while there was only three way the game could end. 1) I could lock myself with Recycle in play and nothing to play 2) I could deck myself and 3) I could chose to kill myself to manaburn in attempt to avoid the faith 1) or 2). That was fun, but not very engouraging. As the deck is now, all these are still possible, but not that likely any more. In exchange there has become fourth way to lose and that is lack of mana. As I said earlier, deck can deal 24 points damage. I don't know where exactly the limit comes, but I havn't been able to do more and when I have been able to do less, I could have pointed out why.
Posted By ithelog
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